Monomaniacle Middle Grade Reviewer Talks Up Sea of Monsters

The Monomaniacal Middle Grade Reviewer talks about Sea of Monsters.

(I have no idea where the dumb Canadian accents came from.  It was the kid’s idea, I swear!)

I love the part at 1:50.  He’s not too enthusiastic, is he?

4:17 funny descriptions of explosions.  The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.  🙂



3 responses to “Monomaniacle Middle Grade Reviewer Talks Up Sea of Monsters

  1. derekberry

    I recently picked up “The Lightning Thief” which I recall being vaguely popular a few years ago. Now, I’m definitely hooked. Some of the plots don’t make much sense, but it’s fun and light and adventurous. I’m currently on book three, obviously undertaking some very heavy summer reading.

  2. No, he’s not your son. Not at all! 🙂 I loved this book, too. Riordan’s books are contagious! Did you know his own son is dyslexic? He modeled Percy Jackson after his son. Cool trivia, huh? 🙂