The Cover Reveal-Seeing your name on a book jacket for the first time.


So, I was rattling through my email the other day, and my buddy Jenny Keller Ford sends me a message saying: “Did you see the cover with your name on it yet?”

So, yeah, I scrambled through all my emails, searching frantically, and low and behold… there it was.

The contract felt pretty real, but let me tell you—seeing your name in big bold print with cover art…

I called my kids in.  My five-year old said, “Oh, okay.  Can I have a snack?”

The Monomaniacal Middle Grade Reviewer looked at it, gave me a hug, and went on about his business.

My eight year old, Thank Goodness, stared at it with wide eyes and a big poop-eating grin on his face, saying, “That is soooo cool!”

Later on, my husband came home and finally got to see it.  I can’t remember his exact words, but it was something like, “Wow.  This is real, isn’t it?”

I think he actually needed something to validate it in his mind.   I tried to explain what an anthology was, but until he saw the cover, I don’t think he actually “got it.”

So, without further ado, here is the cover for the Make Believe Anthology.

So, what do you think?  Pretty cool, huh?


83 responses to “The Cover Reveal-Seeing your name on a book jacket for the first time.

  1. That is one gosh darn good lookin’ cover! Congrats, you!!!! 😀 😀

  2. Wow! What a great feeling that must be. Congratulations!

    It looks really good, by the way.

  3. congratulations…..thanks for checking out my blog..

  4. No fair. Why can’t that happen to me? Aside from the fact that I don’t work hard…and probably don’t have what it takes, but still! Congratulations – what a rush that must be!

  5. Fantastic! What a gorgeous cover. It is enticing, beckoning you to open the cover! Congratulations!

  6. Congratulations! That’s an awesome cover.

  7. Whoa!! Beautiful cover design – and what a wonderful thrill to see your very own personal name right there in plain sight on it! Congratulations!

  8. Well… congratulations are in order… I can imagine the excitement when you laid eyes on the cover for the first time…

  9. firebreathingdragon

    Congratulations Jen!

  10. firebreathingdragon

    Congratulations Jen, beautiful cover, what a thrill.

  11. Congratulations!!! That is an amazing accomplishment…and the cover looks pretty darn cool to boot!

  12. That is so cool! Congrats!

  13. AMAZZZZZING!!! 😀 Congrats muchos to you!


  14. SO COOL love the red riding hood feel, congrats Jen!

  15. Just saw the cover on Joan’s site. It’s fantastic.

  16. The cover looks great Jenn. Congrats! 🙂

  17. So excited for you and Jenny! That cover is amazing! It will seem like forever before I get to finally read it though. But I guess I can wait. Good job!

  18. That is a great, eye-catching cover! Can’t wait to read the book! 🙂

  19. Congrats on allllllllll your hard work paying off:) ~CHEERS!!!

  20. Looks fab. When is it going on sale? And is it an e-book, in the shops, or both?

  21. It’s freaky wonderful, isn’t it? Congrats and happy dances to my fellow antho-buddy!!

  22. It’s really stunning! Love the reactions by your family–sounds like something out of my life. (I got blank looks from some when I was bouncing off the wall, having just received an offer of a publishing contract. I had to spell out in great detail why that was a big deal. At least hubby shared my joy!). Congratulations on your cover reveal and yes, this is really real. REALLY. Well done!

  23. Ann Marquez

    This is wonderful!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Just wait until you actually hold that first book in your hands … you will cry [happy tears] trust me. There’s nothing like it. Well except compared to first holding those sweet kiddos. 😀
    Now … can I have a snack? 😉

  24. It looks fabulous. And, with both you and Jenny featured? Priceless to you, I’m sure.

    Congrats, again.

    • Oh, yes. We’ve been through a lot. It means so much that we got published together. I was so worried one of us would make it and the other not, and then I’d have to be all bumbed for myself, but happy for her.

  25. There’s nothing, NOTHING, like the feeling of seeing your name on the front cover for the first time!

  26. Congrats & the cover is stunning.

  27. Visually stunning cover. It totally has a reimagined fairy tale feel. Congrats!

  28. gorgeous cover. excited for you.

  29. Top billing! Score. 🙂

  30. That’s really cool, congratulations.

  31. What an amazing feeling that must have been. I’m sure you’re still riding the high. 🙂

  32. Just dropped by from Jenny Keller Ford’s blog to pass along my congratulations! The cover is awesome and I can’t wait to read all the wonderful stories. 🙂

  33. Ah, Jenn, I can’t believe it! You and me together. What a fabulous journey it’s been so far and we still have even months to go before publication! It seems so far away, but it will be upon us before you know it. I can’t believe this is really happening. Doing the snoopy dance with coffee in hand. Good going, girlfriend! I’m thrilled beyond words for you.

  34. Congratulations – it looks beautiful.

  35. Kelly Said

    wootwoot! your name looks ten shades of awesome up there! Jumbo CONGRATS to you, my antho-buddy! 😀

  36. Yay! Gosh, the happy feelings you must have… Way to go! 😀

  37. That’s amazing!! Great cover! Congratulations to you and Jenny and all the other writers!

  38. Truly awesome. Again, my deepest congratulations (maybe tinged with a little/a lot of envy). 🙂

  39. Awesomeness abounds.

  40. Julie Catherine

    THAT is absolutely, stupendously, supercalifragilisticexpialodociously wonderful!!! Woo Hoo!!! I love it – huge kudos to you, Jennifer – and to Jenny, too! Awesome! 🙂 🙂 🙂