Awesome surprise for the Next Nine Days — Published Author Roundup PLUS a Giveaway!

Yay!  I’m so excited for this week! Wait until you see what I’ve lined up!

I’m going to be incommunicado for the next nine days.  Yes, that means I’m cutting myself off from the internet. **GACK**  But fear not! I won’t leave you hanging!

Yes, sadly, I will not be here for the next nine days to rattle you with my words of wisdom and rants of writer’s woes.

But worry not, faithful followers!  I will not leave you hanging.  I have a very special surprise lined up for you this week that you are not going to want to miss  (I hope – biting nails)

All through the week, I will be handing the reigns of my blog over to nine published authors with current work that a lot of you may have already read.  This is a great mix of people who I am sure you can learn a lot from.

And we are winding up the week on Sunday 6/24/12 with a giveaway.  Yay!

So make sure you stop by every day, and ask questions.  I’ve asked them to be all-interactive-like, so I’m hoping there will be some fun discussions to read when I come back.

Enjoy!  I hope it goes well!

Now… how do I surgically remove myself from this keyboard?


12 responses to “Awesome surprise for the Next Nine Days — Published Author Roundup PLUS a Giveaway!

  1. Enjoy your break, Jennifer.

  2. Enjoy your break Jen. 🙂

  3. We’ll be here waiting when you’re back!

  4. Good luck with that 🙂 Although an internet break is fun, when you get back the siren call resumes…

  5. Nine nifty Authors (Tried to think of a good word for writer that started with “n” and only came up with natterer which sounded horrid…)

    Cool! Hope you have some fun time while you are away. Take good care of yourself, Jennifer.

  6. We’ll miss you and look forward to what you have planned – have a good time without internets.

  7. If you pull the plug, you’ll hear a sound like an exhilation, a pop and you’re free. Make sure you are sitting down first so you don’t end up on your can on the floor. Have fun while you’re away.

  8. Have fun with your sugery HAHA, aka, i HOPE which leads to vacation. Wow, a buncha published authors. I’m awed. xo

  9. Yay! Can’t wait!!!

    Oh, and of course I’ll miss you 😉

  10. Good for you and I can’t wait to read the posts. I don’t even know 9 published authors! Have fun on your vacation.