Flash Fiction Friday on Wednesday – Beneath

Five minutes on the timer.  Still thinking about those stingrays.  Go!

I glide gracefully through the cold, sliding along the rock-bed, searching for food.  Yellow and blue fish circle near, wary but unafraid as my mass dwarfs them and shades their world from the golden orb shimmering above. 

A buzzing roar grinds the waters overhead.  The fish scurry—but curious—I ascend … gliding toward the strange white lines marring the surface of the water.

Pain stings and a crack stuns me.  Webbing wraps and confines, cutting into my fins and dragging me from the water.  My tail, severed, sinks into the depths.

The water retreats, dripping down my belly.  The yellow orb, no longer shimmering, dries and burns my flesh as I rise further from the life-giving ocean.

Okay, I cheated.  Six minutes.  I didn’t want to stop it at “webbing wraps and confines.”

I really hope the fishermen drop him back into the water.


4 responses to “Flash Fiction Friday on Wednesday – Beneath

  1. I don’t think that poor critter would live for very long without it’s tail

    … good story.

  2. catch and release, or is it filet and release? 😉