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Flash Fiction Friday on Wednesday – Beneath

Five minutes on the timer.  Still thinking about those stingrays.  Go!

I glide gracefully through the cold, sliding along the rock-bed, searching for food.  Yellow and blue fish circle near, wary but unafraid as my mass dwarfs them and shades their world from the golden orb shimmering above. 

A buzzing roar grinds the waters overhead.  The fish scurry—but curious—I ascend … gliding toward the strange white lines marring the surface of the water.

Pain stings and a crack stuns me.  Webbing wraps and confines, cutting into my fins and dragging me from the water.  My tail, severed, sinks into the depths.

The water retreats, dripping down my belly.  The yellow orb, no longer shimmering, dries and burns my flesh as I rise further from the life-giving ocean.

Okay, I cheated.  Six minutes.  I didn’t want to stop it at “webbing wraps and confines.”

I really hope the fishermen drop him back into the water.


Discovery Cove Ruined Snorkeling for me FOREVER

As you guys all know, I was away for a little while enjoying some R & R with my family.  One of our stops was Discovery Cove in Orlando Florida. I never intended to post anything about this, because it has absolutely nothing to do with writing, but I really feel like I need to.  And I’m even including a few videos to show how amazing our experience was.

This was without a doubt, the most expensive day of may vacation.  It was also the best day of my vacation.  This is an amazing park.

Now, I must admit that this place is right up my alley.  I am a snorkeling junkie.  Can’t get enough.  Unfortunately, though, snorkeling will never be the same for me.  I don’t think anything will be able to top this place.

In an overall review, you pay one price, and you are served a gourmet breakfast, gourmet lunch, unlimited drinks, snack and adult beverages.  The drinks were strong, and the food was awesome.  No one had any complaints there.

We upgraded and got a dolphin swim experience, but you can go to the park just for the snorkeling, Lazy River, and aviary and you will easily fill up your day.

The Aviary:  AWESOME.  Birds are friendly and beautiful.

The “not so Lazy River”:  This is what my husband called it.  There is hardly any current, so you have to swim it, and it’s very long.  It is made to look like the Amazon river or something.  You cannot tell you are in a man-made river.  You go through the aviary for about ten minutes, and the birds are flying around, and animals are walking by you.  In some places the river is ten feet deep or so, and it can take over an hour to get around the entire thing.  Beautiful.

Dolphin Swim:  Very cool being up close and personal with a dolphin.  My only gripe was that when you grabbed the fin, and the dolphin took you for a ride, is was only for about ten seconds.  I wish it was longer.

The big tamale:  The Snorkeling.

You cannot imagine how good this was.  I am an avid snorkeler.  I can stare and swim with fish for hours.  Luckily for me, my son has inherited this love, and we hung out together all day while the little ones sat on the beach digging in the sand.

Here are a few pics of the snorkeling.

The first one, we had no idea what we were stepping in to.  I didn’t even have my snorkel on, and my oldest son (The Monomaniacal Middle Grade Reviewer) started screaming.  I see what he is screaming about from above the water, since is was shallow in the walk-in point.  I just shoved my camera under the water and pressed record.  This is what I got.  This stingray is about ten feet across.

You can hear me saying “Oh my God” from above the water.

Later, I caught up with one sleeping, and I put my foot down in front of it to give you some perspective of how dern big these things are.

Two Giant Black spotted Stingrays swam right beneath me.  Awe-inspiring

Here is a view of the wonderful (not) weather we had.  The fish didn’t mind.  Also, a wave hello from myself and the MMGR from under water.  You can see the rain from underwater, which is kind of cool.  It’s another world down there.

Oh, also… it’s hard to tell, but most of these fish are a foot long or larger.

This was an incredible experience.  If you ever have the opportunity, I would highly recommend it.  This was an experience my family will never forget.  Unfortunately, snorkeling anywhere else will pale in comparison.