Flash Fiction Friday on Wednesday – The Long Walk

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Okay… now on to the important business of the day… Flash Fiction… Setting the timer for five minutes.  I have a bad headache, and I’m wondering what I can write with this kind of distraction.  Go…

I ease into the long hallway.  Whiteness blinds me.  Where does it go?  Should I really be here?

I turn back, but the door has closed.  No other path lies before me than the one straight ahead.  Lights swirl, voices of the past berate me.  Was I sad?  No.  But was I ever happy?  Did I do enough?

Three steps further.  The light is blinding.  How far must I go?  How far can I go?

The hallway ends.  The sounds stop.  All but a handle disappears.  I’m compelled to take it, to turn the handle and face what lies behind the door, but terror fills my soul.

I don’t know what lies on the other side.  I gasp for breath, but there is none.  The air disappears.  There is no longer a choice.  I must move on.  I grasp the handle, and turn.

A breeze hits my face.  Terror subsides.

I walk through.


(Time:  Four minutes … sans correcting typographical errors.)

Note:  No, I am not contemplating taking that “long walk”, but I did write this with a mild migraine, and the lights are hurting my brain.  That may be where that idea came from.


12 responses to “Flash Fiction Friday on Wednesday – The Long Walk

  1. Migraine? Are you kidding. I’d be in a cave somewhere first. Later, sometime later, once the lights stopped flashing, I might take a stab at flash fiction (…)

  2. Ann Marquez

    Wow! I am impressed migraine AND timed!!! Sorry for your pain tho, believe you me I understand. 😉 Take care

  3. I’ve only ever had two migraines in my life, and I cannot imagine being creative while they persisted. Being as creative as this under that kind of pressure proves you are a writer!

    • Ha! It wasn’t what I call a “Hum Dinger” which means I could still sit up, see, and keep food down. I went to bed right after this, though to make sure it stayed that way.

  4. Sorry for your migraine. We always have to force our characters to open doors, don’t we:-)

  5. How on earth do you write so much in so little time?

  6. pretty good for 4 minutes!