Write a Story with Me – Installment #1 By Jennifer M. Eaton

OMIGOSH!  I set my story free, and before I knew it, it had a life of its own shooting through the internet and I hadn’t even “officially” posted my first installment!

So, to avoid any confusion, I am posting installment #1 early.  at the end, you will find a link to Jenny Keller Ford’s page two.  She took it in a direction I never imagined!


Installment #1 by Jennifer M. Eaton

Marci reached up and plucked a fresh shiny leaf from the branch above her.  The tips of her fingers poked out above the majestic three-spiked edges of the damp greenery.

Not quite big enough.

A cool breeze pushed back the sweltering heat of midday, cooling her wet brow with the sweet tingle of its embrace.  Marci closed her eyes, and breathed deeply of the wind’s fresh rejuvenating essence.

Above, the tree quaked and fluttered, dancing and rejoicing in the breeze’s light flirty kiss.  The newly formed branches swayed, revealing older, darker leaves beneath the fresh growth.

Marci reached up, and pulled down the branch.  Dozens of leaves larger than her hand hid snugly near the base of the sprigs, hiding beneath the new foliage.  They glistened with morning dew yet to be burnt away by the afternoon sun.

“There they are,” Marci said, reaching within.

She closed her eyes and moved her fingers through the cool greens, grazing each vein of the immaculate leaves until one quivered beneath her touch.  A smile crossed her lips.  She held her hand steady, and reveled in satisfaction as the leaf warmed to her touch.  “Gotcha.”

A gently tug broke the greenery free.  She held her prize up to the golden rays of the sun.  Droplets of dew sparkled before disappearing, returning to the clouds to fall another day.  The leaf now dry, Marci’s practiced hands wrapped the delicate edges in a moistened white cloth.  She slipped her parcel between the pages of her book for safe-keeping.

To see page two, hop on over to Jenny Keller Ford’s blog, or click here.

And, as an added bonus, (These people are FAST)  Here’s page three…

Installment #3 – Susan Roebuck

Links to new installments will be added as they become available.  Please stop by next Tuesday to see what happens!

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19 responses to “Write a Story with Me – Installment #1 By Jennifer M. Eaton

  1. I shall be a reader first. Interesting idea. I LOVE it.

  2. Fun opening to a story. I think you did a nice job keeping it basic (but still interesting) so that there are a lot of ways to go with this. This will be exciting to read as it unfolds.

    Quick question: how do we know when our turn is coming up?

  3. It’s exciting isn’t it! I think I shall copy and paste all the installments somewhere as we go so that when it gets to my turn I can re-read it all as one.

    I’m a bit confused about how we get tagged when it’s our turn, and how we tag the next person? Is it by email? And how do we let you know when we’ve posted our installment, and how do you let people know that the next installment is ready, and…and…and…oh dear. I think I need to read all the rules again…

  4. Brilliant! Have read all three installments so far and can’t wait to get stuck in. Just please don’t forget to send me a reminder in good time!! This is totally awesome.

  5. Julie Catherine

    This is awesome, Jennifer! If I didn’t have so much on my plate already, I would join in ….. cool story, and congratulations on your Blogaversary! 🙂

  6. Oooooo, interesting 🙂

    I’m not too sure where I’m suppose to be on the list though lol


  7. thanks for the linky thing! I had a blast with this. In fact, I could have continued on. I love these writing prompts. What a way to get your mind in gear and let the imagination flow.