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Why aren’t you querying those finished novels?

A few days ago I shared a list of all my upcoming projects on social media. It looked something like this:

Here’s what’s coming down the pike:

  • Ashes in the Sky {Fire in the Woods #2} (In production Release date March 1)
  • Fire in the Woods #3 (Contracted: In developmental edits. Release date TBD)
  • YA Science Fiction (95% complete Work in Progress)
  • Adult Contemporary Science Fiction (Aliens) Mystery/Horror (First draft complete)
  • Adult Paranormal (Shifters) novel written in serial (Uncontracted: Number one complete)
  • YA Dystopian Romance (Uncontracted, Complete)
  • YA Space Opera – 8 book series (First draft complete)
  • Middle Grade Contemporary Adventure (First draft complete)
  • Hard Sci Fi Space Opera three book series (First Draft of all three books complete)


Outlined concepts prepped, outlined, and ready to be written:

  1. Adult/New Adult Fantasy-Medieval setting
  2. YA Contemporary Science Fiction (Aliens)
  3. Adult/YA Shifter (Dragons) First chapter written
  4. YA Time Travel (Aliens) First chapter written
  5. YA/New Adult Contemporary Science Fiction (Aliens)


A few people have asked why I have two complete novels, and four “First Draft complete” while it looks like I am currently working on something completely new.

Well, to be honest, I didn’t realize how many things I had partially finished until I created this list. For me, the fun of creating a story is the best part. I love starting a story, and torturing my heroes to the very end of the tale. So much fun!

Usually, by the time I finish a first draft, I’ve already outlined several new ideas that I came up with along the way. Some of these I take a few notes on, and then never go back to. But many, like the five above, get 7000-10000 word outlines, because I love the premise so much that I don’t want to lose even a single spec of the idea.

Unfortunately, I cannot type anywhere near as fast as my brain works, and that list of stories to write keeps getting longer.

Basically, when the time comes to write a new book, I just pick one from the list. Sounds easy. But sometimes there are several stories screaming at me, and even after I choose, a different story keeps me awake at night.

It all comes down to my writing process, which I love… but the business of publishing usually gets in the way of the fun part. That’s why I have so many first drafts right now.

When I finished this post, it was over 800 words long. I was going to talk about my writing process, but I’m going to leave that for my next post. I think this will explain some of the insanity of my current “too many almost-finished books” situation.

See you next time!



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We’ve all got Eaton Style. Come on! Sing with me!

Oh yeah! We’ve got Eaton Style!

The lovely and talented Ravena Guron cued me in to this. This is my new favorite boy band signing my anthem “Eaton Style”

“Awkward, frustrated, lonely and insecure. We’re so shy, if you talk to us we may cry…”

Ha! Sounds like writers, right? We’ve got Eaton Style! Sing it, boys!

Parody of Gangnam Style / Gangham Style

From Ravena: (Note… Eaton is the name of a private school here in Britain but this is an AWESOME video and right now this blog does have Eaton style🙂

Write a Story with Me – Installment #1 By Jennifer M. Eaton

OMIGOSH!  I set my story free, and before I knew it, it had a life of its own shooting through the internet and I hadn’t even “officially” posted my first installment!

So, to avoid any confusion, I am posting installment #1 early.  at the end, you will find a link to Jenny Keller Ford’s page two.  She took it in a direction I never imagined!


Installment #1 by Jennifer M. Eaton

Marci reached up and plucked a fresh shiny leaf from the branch above her.  The tips of her fingers poked out above the majestic three-spiked edges of the damp greenery.

Not quite big enough.

A cool breeze pushed back the sweltering heat of midday, cooling her wet brow with the sweet tingle of its embrace.  Marci closed her eyes, and breathed deeply of the wind’s fresh rejuvenating essence.

Above, the tree quaked and fluttered, dancing and rejoicing in the breeze’s light flirty kiss.  The newly formed branches swayed, revealing older, darker leaves beneath the fresh growth.

Marci reached up, and pulled down the branch.  Dozens of leaves larger than her hand hid snugly near the base of the sprigs, hiding beneath the new foliage.  They glistened with morning dew yet to be burnt away by the afternoon sun.

“There they are,” Marci said, reaching within.

She closed her eyes and moved her fingers through the cool greens, grazing each vein of the immaculate leaves until one quivered beneath her touch.  A smile crossed her lips.  She held her hand steady, and reveled in satisfaction as the leaf warmed to her touch.  “Gotcha.”

A gently tug broke the greenery free.  She held her prize up to the golden rays of the sun.  Droplets of dew sparkled before disappearing, returning to the clouds to fall another day.  The leaf now dry, Marci’s practiced hands wrapped the delicate edges in a moistened white cloth.  She slipped her parcel between the pages of her book for safe-keeping.

To see page two, hop on over to Jenny Keller Ford’s blog, or click here.

And, as an added bonus, (These people are FAST)  Here’s page three…

Installment #3 – Susan Roebuck

Links to new installments will be added as they become available.  Please stop by next Tuesday to see what happens!

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