We’ve all got Eaton Style. Come on! Sing with me!

Oh yeah! We’ve got Eaton Style!

The lovely and talented Ravena Guron cued me in to this. This is my new favorite boy band signing my anthem “Eaton Style”

“Awkward, frustrated, lonely and insecure. We’re so shy, if you talk to us we may cry…”

Ha! Sounds like writers, right? We’ve got Eaton Style! Sing it, boys!

Parody of Gangnam Style / Gangham Style

From Ravena: (Note… Eaton is the name of a private school here in Britain but this is an AWESOME video and right now this blog does have Eaton style ๐Ÿ™‚

8 responses to “We’ve all got Eaton Style. Come on! Sing with me!

  1. That video made me snort.

    I wouldn’t say the parody lyrics parallels the traits of a writer, however. I didn’t hear those young men once say “cantankerous,” “loner,” or “drinking problem.”

  2. Love it! You know, Eton isn’t just ANY private school over here, it’s probably the top one – Princes William and Harry went there amongst many others, so you’re in good company with your style there Jennifer!

  3. Hehe, I love this video ๐Ÿ˜€ (Gangnam style mocks rich people?! Pretty ironic considering who made this one! I thought it was just a funny song with imaginary horses in the dance moves. )

  4. this was too funny. It’s a spin-off off the Gangnam style video (which mocks rich people) but I have to admit, it’s a pretty funny theme song for your blog. Eaton Style. LOL!!