OMIGOSH! I missed a Post! But I had a good reason!

Ugh.  I got home tonight, totally exhausted, and realised I had no FLash Fiction for  Flash Fiction Friday On Wednesday.

Oh!  I have failed you **Sob Sob**

But I have a really good reason.  Tonight I attended a critique session with a group of local writers.  I have a love/hate relationship with these things.  For one thing, I get really tired of saying the same things over and over again.  sometimes I wish I could just be the queen of cut and paste.

So… why do I do it?  Because someone a few years ago saw a glint of hope in a little newbie writer called Jennifer Eaton, and took the time to SLASH THE HOLY HECK out of her work, and then explain why.

Someone took the time to help me, and now is my time to give that little bit of help back.  That’s also why I do this blog.

Now, this is not to say I am the one-stop know it all about writing.  ‘Cause I know I’m not… but I do have a lot of experience at this point that I can relay to others.

So, yes, I groan over first time critiques… but I love when I get to talk to people and explain things to them, and have their eyes light up with an “ah-ha” moment.

There were mostly new people tonight, so I was starting from scratch, but one girl had been critiqued by me before, and her writing was SO MUCH BETTER than last time… I was SO EXCITED for her.  Congrats, Dawn!

I really love when I can relay a little of what I’ve learned.  It is so much better to learn from my mistakes than making these mistakes yourself.

And what did I get in return for my personal critiques?  An overwhelming consensus that my Main Character in my new WIP  Fire in the Woods is fourteen years old.

Why is this significant?  BECAUSE SHE’S SEVENTEEN.

So… back to editing my first few pages… where they thought the problem lay.

And sorry for missing flash fiction.  My mind is just a pile of goo.

Time for Bed!  Good night!


17 responses to “OMIGOSH! I missed a Post! But I had a good reason!

  1. I’m slowly beginning to discover that such things as critique sessions exist, and I’m getting rather intrigued! I’m glad to see p the reward you gain from these sessions. That ‘ah-ha’ moment is a thing to live for.

  2. I feel the same way! I’ve partnered up with 3 other girls just starting out and it makes me so happy to pass on the gems others have given me.

    All is forgiven;~)

  3. You are forgiven. Of course your critique group is important. They’re not personally commited to the work therefore they see more clearly. I have a love/hate relationship with my group too. Some days are harder to swallow than others…

  4. You are forgiven. This time. 😉

  5. I hear you. Eons ago I promised God, to whom I continually prayed for guidance on my writing journey, that if I ever got to a place where I could be of help to other new writers I would give back. So many wise souls have and still do help me.

  6. That’s a perfectly good reason to miss the occasional post. No need to apologize! And a good way to thank people who helped us is to do the same for others.

  7. Ooo, I had that problem with Dragon King. David’s age was all over the place. Well, at least you had her age consistent. Maybe it’s a MG novel not a YA???? I think MG word count for MS is lower, too. Just thinking out loud here. 🙂

  8. I also have a love/hate relationship with critique sessions. I love to dish writing, but sometimes conflicting feedback can make me want to tear my hair out. Yet, I still go back each week, lol. I get a lot out of them, even when I sometimes leave not really sure what I’m supposed to do next.

    Glad you have a great group to work with.

    • Ugh. I am usually the conflicting feed back. I hate it when several people praise work for its detail and then I come along and tell them it is too much detail. Good writing and marketable writing are not necessarily the same thing.

  9. That is a very good reason and you are forgiven. I often find that what I mean with my words doesn’t come out and translate itself to be picked up by the reader in the same way. 14 is not 17 and that was a good pick up.