Write A Story With Me Number 6 Mikeala Wire

Yay!  It’s time for  A write a story with me update!  There is so much going on that sometimes it makes my tail spin.

My brain had this cute little simple fantasy story in my head, but we have gone through so many twist ant turns I’m having trouble keeping it all straight!

This week we are taking a pleasant little trip over to lovely Rotterdam with My So Called Dutch Life.  Mikaela Wire is a little nervous, because she says she’s not a writer.  I think she did a great job.  Be sure to leave her some words of encouragement after reading!

Click on the link below to be jet-packed on high speed to the Netherlands.

Take it away Mikeala!


If you need to catch up, you can view previous installments through the link below.

Here are the previous installments:

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Stop by next Tuesday to see what happens next!

Vanessa Chapman… TAG You’re it!

Good Luck, Vanessa!


5 responses to “Write A Story With Me Number 6 Mikeala Wire

  1. I can’t wait to return next week. I wonder how this story will end…I almost don’t want it to. Nicely done.

  2. All the submissions have been great, so far. It’s been fun to see where everyone has taken the story, each providing their unique perspectives and fabulous imaginations! 🙂

  3. It’s me next! It’s me next! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mikaela has definitely taken it in a completely different direction that my mind had gone after reading Eileen’s the previous week. Such a thrill!

  4. I love where the story is going. I can’t wait to read Vanessa’s take on what comes next. All the entries have not been anything like what I expected. Fabulous! What a great idea to do this. It worked so much better than my feeble attempt to get people to write along. I wish I’d waited and learned a few things from you about marketing. 🙂

    • Your contest was great, too. It was just nerve racking because you had to worry about someone else posting first and you losing your work. You had some great submissions –they put mine to shame at least