Write a Story with Me – Part 11- Tying up the plot holes with Kate Johnston

Hey!  Someone’s paying attention!  Special thanks to the wonderfully talented Kate Johnston for noticing a little plot glitch in the story.

There was a discrepancy in the whereabouts of the Olden leaf. In installment 6
and 7, Janosc brings the Olden leaf to Gwydyon. But in Vikki’s passage, Marci
puts the Olden leaf in a pot.

What does a writer do????  Let’s find out with Kate’s installment.

Take it away, Kate!

As Marci hurried to greet her father, she wondered if she was wise to put the Olden leaf in the pot, a gift to her father from the Establishment. She’d been so upset over Janelle’s future that she hadn’t been thinking properly. Their family custom was to concoct Needletea in that pot upon her father’s return from his missions.

Move the leaf, Marci thought. She raced back upstairs and grabbed the leaf. Then she stopped.

This wasn’t the Olden leaf. This one had the wrong shape, and it wasn’t warm to the touch.

Where was the Olden leaf? Where did this ordinary leaf come from?

Marci hunted, but the Olden leaf was gone. Did Janelle take it?  No, she wouldn’t have taken it without telling her.

Then where…?

Wanna find out where?  Visit  4AMWriter’s blog to find out! Kate’s just getting started!  Part Eleven — Kate Johnston 

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14 responses to “Write a Story with Me – Part 11- Tying up the plot holes with Kate Johnston

  1. Kate did a great job explaining the leaf! I can’t wait to read the next installment. 🙂

  2. Yes I had spotted that and was glad Kate cleared it up! Nobody should feel bad, it’s inevitable that things like this happen when there are so many contributors. Luckily we have Kate to sort it all out! 🙂

  3. but, but, but…the Olden leaf wasn’t a gift to Marci’s dad from the Establishment. It was for Janelle. Marci brought it to her. Oh my. What a quandry once again. 🙂

    I LOVE this exercise. Not only do we get to read the awesomeness of other’s writing styles, but we are also training our eyes on catching plot holes, mistakes, etc.. We’re learning to edit the way editors do. Fantastic!

  4. Catching this slip is just one example of why Kate is an awesome beta reader/critter/editor. 🙂 And on top of that, she’s a great writer!

  5. Whoops! I read through the previous parts too! *pouts*


  6. Julie Catherine

    Awesome! This is so much fun! 🙂