Flash Fiction Friday on Wednesday – He had to Run

This is the character study I did for my character “David” in my new WIP, Fire in the Woods.  This scene will not be in the novel, but this is how he comes into my MC’s life.

David jumped and landed on the soft turf.  A trail of desolation lay behind him:  fallen trees, scorched soil, and burning branches.  Sparks drifted over his head, silent among the roar of the growing flames.

His plane, burning and cracked in two, lay on its side.  A total loss.  A Failure.  His failure— just like everything else he touched.  It was a miracle that he survived.

Dual beams of light broke the darkness behind the trees.  Red and blue lights swirled.  A moaning high-pitched sound broke the night, echoing above the crackling flames.

David backed away from his aircraft, away from the lights, and the subsequent voices that came from the same direction.  He’d be blamed for this.  He knew it.  He slipped into the trees, away from the warmth of the flames.

He had no choice.  He had to run.


6 responses to “Flash Fiction Friday on Wednesday – He had to Run

  1. Wow. I like how the action starts immediately.

  2. Very well done. The narrative was literally fiery. I like flash fiction for exactly this reason. When you are hard pressed for words, you snip all the fat, and put in the best words to describe the situation.

  3. How exciting! I’d love to read the whole story, sometime. 🙂

  4. Awesome! I knew it when I read the first chapters. Nice to see his perspective. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great snippet 🙂 And thanks for visiting my blog too!