I am so stinking glad this election thing is over

Well, at least I’m hoping it is over when you read this. I am scheduling this and going to bed.

Personally, I am surprised that they are still having the election. Many parts of the East Coast of the USA are still underwater. Thousands (tens of thousands if not 100,000 are still without power) If the election rides on any of these coastal states, I wouldn’t be surprised if the “loser” calls foul.

Anyway… the reason I’m glad it’s over is because I want to get back to normal. I want to be able to turn on Facebook and not look at political propaganda. (Seriously, guys… you’re not changing my vote) I am tired of getting calls from Bill Clinton and other politicians I’ve never heard of before (Oh yeah… by the way… those of you who start your conversation with “For those of you suffering in the wake of Sandy…” SHAME ON YOU for using this disaster for your own political gain.

I am tired of people in the cubicle next to me putting down one of the candidates, spouting that their way is the only way. I am tired of people bashing former presidents saying “Sure the economy was better, and everyone had jobs, but he blew his nose in a purple tissue! He can’t be trusted!”

I am tired of hearing people shout out that things I feel strongly about are not as important as the issues they are concerned with.

OMIGOSH! My employer yesterday actually sent out something on company email bashing one of the candidates politics. — Now, I happen to agree with what they said, but outright bashing one candidate’s stance in hopes of coercing employees? How wrong is that?

Ugh. It is just insanity, and I’m tired of it. I hope everyone voted. Voting is important. It is the only way to voice what we want in our government.

But today, as you discuss with friends… don’t berate someone if they didn’t vote for the same person as you. Everyone has a right to their own opinion. Don’t drive wedges where they don’t belong.

And most of all… and it doesn’t matter who you voted for… support the candidate who won. No matter your personal opinion, they are going to be the president. You can still voice your opinion with your senators and congressmen/women. (umm–congresspeople?). They will take your votes to their branches of government.

And if you still feel the need to spread any annoying anti-somebody propaganda… please send it somewhere else. It’s not going to change anything for another four years anyway.



11 responses to “I am so stinking glad this election thing is over

  1. Amen! And neither sound bites nor celebrities will be the basis for my decisions!

  2. Well said Jennifer. 🙂

  3. Well said and AMEN!!!

  4. Yeah, I’m glad its over. I hope that a higher number of people who can vote did. It is important, very important.
    We bring the kids with us to the polls so they get that this is something we do that is good and needs to be done.
    The 2yo was confused why we were not going to daycare, after we talked to her she had a new phrase ‘Pepo Vo’. the daycare is also at a polling place. when she saw the voters there she started saying it again.

  5. Amen to that! Sick, sick, sick to death of political ads on TV, in the mail, on the radio, and signs littering every corner. And, I have never decided to vote for anyone because of a bumper sticker!

  6. Amen! I was so close to deactivating my facebook account for this reason. I must have NOT had a FB account 4 years ago because I don’t remember being this annoyed. So glad it’s over. Well, I’m sure lots of people will be complaining today, but surely tomorrow, they’ll have finished. 😀

  7. beautifully said – on so many counts

  8. I’m so glad this is over, but I’m staying away from social media for a few days. The sad thing is that the race for President was probably the least important one (I’ve always believed that the local races were far more important, because those people can make your life miserable), but it gets all the attention.