Oh No! Please tell me it’s not too late to fix that!

Cripes.  A typo.  Happens to everyone, right? But I just found one in the final edited version of “Connect the Dots” that I already signed off on weeks ago, and is due to release in eight days.

You know how I found it?  It’s really dumb.  I was calling up a random six sentences for Six Sentence Sunday.  I used an internet based randomizer, and dernit if that thing didn’t land right on the typo!

I stared at it three times.  No!  That’s not possible!  Am I looking at the wrong file?  No?  Oh, Crud!

I placed a panicked call to my publisher, who got back to me today with some valium a smile on her face and said they were able to catch it in time.


Darlene is my new favorite person in the whole wide world!

Have you ever had a close call like that?


30 responses to “Oh No! Please tell me it’s not too late to fix that!

  1. IntrovertedSarah

    you must have let out the biggest PHEW in the world.

  2. That would make me totally nuts! Have you tried using Text-to-Speech? The computer reads back to and would mispronounce the typo. I just spent 20 hours on a friend’s book and I found countless little errors. Word 2010 comes preloaded with TTS.

    • That’s a really good idea. The problem is, we don’t really get twenty hours to edit these things. Schedules are made at the time of signing, and deadlines must be made. It’s really easy to miss something, and like Carrie’s below, mine was in a moment where the pacing and stress level picks up, so you read faster… both the editor and I just missed it.

      • Yeah, the 20 hours were squeezed into 3 days. My friend was really nervous–her first “big house” publishing effort–so I pushed it through. For my own stuff, I usually do the TTS thing a couple of time before the MS goes out the door.

  3. I feel your pain. Only my typo was not caught in time, and now it’s staring at me in my paperback for all eternity. It makes me feel a little better knowing it slipped past editors, too (amazing how the eyes can trick you), but it still bugs me and probably always will. Guess it’s good for my Type A personality to have to accept things like this happen. Good therapy. 🙂

  4. Julie Catherine

    OMG, I would have freaked – I’m such a perfectionist, lol. So glad you caught it in time. I’m one of those people who can generally see the mistakes in everything I read – they just jump off the page at me, so annoying! I was reading a book the other day that a friend gave me, just happened to glance at the back cover, and a typo glared me right in the face – on the back cover! ACK!

  5. I find them regularly. And in any document of any length, we never get rid of them all. 😉 Glad you were able to catch this one, though!

  6. So my comment has nothing to do with today’s blog. I just downloaded Make Believe onto my kindle and wanted to let you know. It’s out there, It’s real, and you must feel great. Enjoy your launch.

  7. Eek, thank goodness for internet based randomizers I always say! (Well, that’s the first time I’ve said it, but I shall certainly say it more from now on!)

  8. The first of many throughout your career! … remember to breathe … good catch.

  9. Hourly…

    Good thing you found it!