The Devastation of Hurricane Sandy – The cleanup is not over.

As many of you know, the lagoon in the backyard of the home that I grew up in rose about twenty feet during Hurricane Sandy.  Our house (where my sister currently lives) was spared  with about $30,000 worth of damage.  Her neighbors where not so lucky.  It’s unbelievable what a few inches of height in a foundation can do.

But we haven’t heard much about it lately, have we?  Yesterdays news, right?  Here are pictures that were taken just a few days ago, after the National Guard started letting people back in.

For many, the memory of Sandy is far from gone.


12 responses to “The Devastation of Hurricane Sandy – The cleanup is not over.

  1. Wow…that’s just terrible. Those poor people. 😦

  2. To keep the story in the news, I’m afraid you need a new angle. Campaign against the failure to act. Are there insurance payout delays? Target the local press. Terrible for anyone living through this though.

  3. Amen, sista! Americans have very short attention spans and memories. Luckily, my familly in nearby Toms River were spared, but many favorite places were destroyed. So sad:-(

  4. I can’t imagine how devastating this must be for those still affected by the storm. I can’t believe that it hasn’t all been dealt with already. Someone has dropped the ball on this one. Let’s hope there is enough outcry that the government will be shamed into doing what needs to happen to get those people into some kind of a home, if theirs cannot be repaired.

  5. Jennifer, I keep praying for those affected by Sandy and now that the national media doesn’t cover it anymore, it’s very easy for those who don’t live in the area to assume things are back to normal. I hope the politicians can put politics aside and get federal relief to the victims, however it’s not like that will be a magic pill that will make everything suddenly better. It will take time, hard work and individuals willing to help each other out in their time of need. Hopefully, each day will become a little brighter.

  6. I’m so angry about this. Remember how the media hounded GWB about Katrina? Well, he got a lot more done for New Orleans a lot quicker than we’re seeing this administration do. Oh,Obama made all the right media tours, but his administration has dropped the ball, big time. They whine that the Republicans won’t pass the relief bill, but that’s no relief bill. Do you go on a shopping spree for new hats when your neighbors don’t have a roof. I’m fed up with the whole lot of them.

  7. Was your childhood home featured in this video? It’s absolutely devastating. We lived through Hurricane Charley and that was crazy. My friend in Cape Coral, FL took some horrifying pictures of the Cape and Ft. Myers as that’s where the hurricane hit hard. Houses reduces to toothpicks for miles. Even all these years later you can still drive through some areas and tell where the hurricane hit, but as with all things, time heals all wounds, nature heals itself and life goes on. Sandy is the N.E.’s Katrina. I hope the gov’t gets it’s crap together and sorts this mess out so people can get back to some sense of normalcy.

  8. I was just wondering aloud today if city subways were all running again, and how folks were faring after the flooding.

  9. You’re right of course Jennifer – out of sight is out of mind for people who have not been affected by tragedies like this. For those who have been affected they’ve got to shout and keep shouting until they’re heard. Keeping a stiff upper lip doesn’t work in cases like this; the bigger a nuisance you make of yourself the more chance of getting something done.