It’s Release day for Jack and Jill Volume One!!!!!!!!!!!! How about a giveaway?

It’s finally here! My first solo release Jack and Jill Volume One is now available in print and ebook from fine retailers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Createspace, and all those neat places people like to buy books!


Can I hear an Oh Yeah?


Jack & Jill, Volume One CoverSo, if you like your Romance on the sweet side, I hope you’ll take a look and Jack and Jill Volume One.

Here is the link to Amazon

If you don’t like Sweet Romance, no problem, but I’d appreciate a mention to your friends. Referrals are the best publicity!

Also, if you can click a bit for me, that would be great. This is what I mean by this…

Amazon’s rankings are based on “likes” and “tags”. You could help me out just by clicking on a few buttons.

‘Likes’ are a small button right under the title page. “Tags Customers Associated with This Product” are located near the bottom of the page and you are allowed to agree with up to 15 tags there. Believe it or not, when readers search based on tags, it’s not the sales ranking that puts a book to the top, but the number of people who’ve tagged it for that category!! Doing this is completely anonymous!

Some suggested tags for Jack and Jill: Christian Romance; Love and Romance; Contemporary Romance; Romance over Thirty; Dating and Kids; Dating your best friend.

You know what I also need? REVIEWS! If you’d be willing to do a review, I have a few PDF ARCS available. If you are interested, just comment and write “I’d like to review” and I’ll use the randomizer to pick a winner.

Thanks for your help, guys. I really appreciate it!

Oh yeah! I’m being interviewed by the lovely and uber-talented Jocelyn Adams today if you’d like to stop by!



30 responses to “It’s Release day for Jack and Jill Volume One!!!!!!!!!!!! How about a giveaway?

  1. Congrats and best of luck with growing your readership! 🙂

  2. Congratulations! What a busy lady. Woohoo. I’m not into romance but I have nothing against advertising…

  3. Oh Yeah! Congratulations, Jennifer! I had no idea the tagging worked that way on Amazon. I need to do some clicking for you and some other blog buddies! 🙂

  4. Great interview! … straight romance isn’t my cup of tea, but if you don’t get enough (define enough? – yeah! Right!) bods who’ll play, count me in.

  5. That cover is lovely. Heading to Amazon to do a bit of clicking 🙂

  6. I will be posting this on my Fun Fact Friday (on Friday) to help promote. I will find a fun fact from alllllllllll your interviews unless you have something specific to share. michelleziegler_co hotmail com. Congrats again, this is so exciting.

  7. I don’t like sweet romance, but I do wanna give you an “OH, YEAH!” Congrats, my friend!

  8. Sorry for splattering my face in your comments again. I just heard from a good source that newly published KDP books WILL show tags for a limited amount of time, so it looks like you could get some tags, Jennifer. Apparently, they’re talking about using Wish Lists now. ??? Hands in air with an eye roll!

  9. I’ll clarify the tagging thing. Paperbacks haven’t had them in quite awhile. Amazon has been slowly removing them from all eBooks, too, per their new policy that they weren’t being used as planned and will be rethinking this. So far the Like button is still there.

  10. Most tags have been removed by Amazon. You might find a handful. Congratulations, Jennifer!

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  12. Congrats. I’m reblogging this post. That means it will go out over my social media bonanza as I call it. Good luck. I’ll check it out.

  13. I’ll be buying mine today

  14. Shannon Bereza

    Okay, I liked it on Amazon, but I really can’t figure out the tagging system. I looked online and still can’t figure it out. I will try again tomorrow. And I would love to review this one.

  15. Congrats Jen! Where are the buy links for the book?