Another Publisher Bites the Dust

It’s one of the risks we take as authors when we put our work out there, especially with one of the smaller publishing houses.  A week ago, Still Moments Publishing closed for submissions “due to the que being full”.

Hmmm.  Odd, huh?

Yesterday, it was announced that Still Moments Publishing is being absorbed by another publisher.  Which one, I don’t know yet.

Do I regret my decision to go with them?  Not at all.  I learned a lot about Romance Writing through them.  The experience with my editors was overwhelmingly positive, and my writing grew because of it.  The mild inconvenience I am experiencing now is a small price to pay for growing as a writer.

The transition has been as painless as possible.  Still Moments has been very good about it.  I already have my rights back, and am seeking a new publisher.  I wish everyone at Still Moments the best in their future endeavors.

So, if you’ve been thinking of picking up a copy of “Jack and Jill”, or “For the Love of Christmas”, you might want to do so sooner than later.  Most Still Moments titles will start disappearing in the next few days.




20 responses to “Another Publisher Bites the Dust

  1. Julie Catherine

    Sending lots of positive thoughts your way that you find a new home for your books very soon – and I think it’s a great idea to keep in touch with your editor. You have a winning attitude, and that’s a huge asset! (((Hugs))) xoxox

  2. The market for unagented writers is constricting these days. It ain’t getting easier, that’s for sure.

  3. It’s sad they’re closing, but at least the transition seems relatively painless. You still have lots of options. Good luck finding a new publisher, but I’m sure with your talent you won’t need ‘luck’. 🙂

  4. E-publish it. Traditional publishers can be overrated. Good luck.

  5. Hope you’ll be able to build on your experiences with Still Moments and find a new publishing home soon.

  6. You are a great writer, you’ll find another home soon that’s bigger and better! Too bad for the company and their writers though:-(

  7. Nice to hear you have been treated well.
    Hope you find a new home soon.

  8. Good luck with everything, and I’m really glad you got your rights back. It’s great you can see the positives – I know you’ve gotten lots of nuggets of wisdom from your editors!

  9. At least it sounds like things have been resolved quickly and you can move on to finding another home for your stories.

  10. Well, bugger! … you could always re-release it yourself, now that it already has a presence on the interwebs!

  11. Sorry to hear, Jen. I’m sure you’ll be though. Xoxo

  12. Best wishes for finding your story a new home. It sounds like the press is doing a good job of returning your rights and keeping you informed of what’s happening. It’s a shame the existing works can’t be simply transferred to the new press, but I’m sure the legalities involved wouldn’t allow that.

  13. Question: would it be prudent to follow your favorite editor? I suppose if time is of the essence it would not. It’s great you are handling this glitch so well!

  14. I also had three stories with them and am glad they have the rights back so quickly so we can all move forward. Best of luck.

  15. Best of luck, Jennifer.

  16. Sad news. That was going to be my first question: what happens to signed-up authors’ rights and royalties? Great that you get your rights back but I wonder if authors end up somewhere down the list of priority creditors?

    • The information does say that we will be paid. I have confidence that is true. Normally when this happens, you hear nightmares about Authors struggling to get their rights back. So far that has been seamless.