Write a Story with Me # 35 – In the Sky Above by Susan Roebuck

Susan Rocan fills in a little space that was left hanging.  Take it away, Susan!

35 – Susan Roebuck – Battle string – in the sky – fills space before #29

Janosc’s squadron dodged cumulus clouds, flying through the chaos.

They observed Marci’s ship and the Establishment shuttle that thought it was invisible. Wing-commander Briss drew level with Janosc.

“Captain,” he said, “The old ship is off course, it’s entering the Atom Stream and getting too close to the Establishment shuttle which is equipped with a lock-on and destroy system in such cases.”

No sooner were the words out of his mouth than the Shuttle opened fire.

“Fangs out!” Janosc cried, pointing his sword downwards. “Dog-fight.”

It was too late – the blast had broken Marci’s ship apart. “Idiotic shuttle. Inexperienced…” To his horror, Marci’s bed with Bethany hanging on for dear life was heading for the ocean. Magic was the only option. He pulled the speaker on his helmet closer and ordered his squadron: “Bubble. Bubble. Marci and bed. Repeat. Marci and bed. Get her to the Precipice and the Portal home, boys.”

As the force of their combined magic curved downwards, Janosc cursed. “Damn cones!” He should’ve brought more experienced magicians with him; apart from Briss they were greenhorns. “Too much magic,” he cried.

A rainbow-colored bubble formed around Marci’s bed, but extended onwards encompassing Yoran’s falling body as well. And that wasn’t all. “It’s caught the Establishment ship too! Now they’ll all be transported to the mystic portal. Can it get worse?”

Briss’s calm voice spoke in his ear. “Black object, Captain, speeding our way. Four o’clock. Looks like someone on a broomstick.”

Janosc closed his eyes. That’s all he needed. Mother.

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5 responses to “Write a Story with Me # 35 – In the Sky Above by Susan Roebuck

  1. You have to laugh about Jansoc. Here he is in the midst of battle and Mother wants to have a word with him. Puts me in mind of the classic television and movie plots where a mother undermines her son and his authority at the most inopportune time.

  2. Julie Catherine

    Hahaha, love the last line, Susan, it’s just perfect! Great action sequence! 😀

  3. Thank you! That’s put the cat amongst the pigeons 🙂 Mum’s arrived.

  4. This is Wonderful. Love “Fangs out!” and “Dogfight.” as well as the last line!

  5. Love that last line, Susan! 🙂