Write a Story with Me # 39 – Queen of Queens by Nicky Wells

Nicky Wells brings us back to the Queen and her baby.  What’s happening there Nicky?

39 — Nicky Wells — Queen of Queens of the fae (Baby String)

Morana waited until she was certain that Natalia was sound asleep. Once more, she abandoned her human body and emerged Queen Morath of the fae, hovering above Natalia’s sleeping form before casting a protective spell on her. “Sleep safely until I return,” she intoned solemnly.

Then Morath closed her eyes and stilled her thoughts, focusing every fibre of her being on Jenelle, tracing her very soul until she found her. “Take me to her, now,” she bid her brilliant mind and in a faint flash of ivory sparkle, she vanished from Natalia’s side.

Morath joined the young queen Jenelle at the hive, tending her own offspring and quite unprepared for the apparition of the Queen of Queens of the fae.

Morath,” Jenelle breathed, falling to her knees and bowing her head in the required gesture of supplication. “We thought… we didn’t know… where have you been?”

“My child,” Morath intoned gently. “Please rise. We have much to talk about.”

Jenelle lifted her head and obediently straightened her body, finally daring to look at Morath. “I have done wrong,” she murmured. “I can see it in your eyes.”

“You do not understand. Not everything is as you see,” Morath replied. “Yes, I am Morath. I am also your mother. And I am Morana, the midwife, the facilitator of human life. I have lived in human form for many years. I will explain, but first tell me — Natalia’s family. Where are they? It is of the utmost urgency that we unite them.”

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2 responses to “Write a Story with Me # 39 – Queen of Queens by Nicky Wells

  1. A nice little addition Nicky!

  2. Woohoo, thanks for letting me take part, I had great fun writing this instalment and I can’t wait to see how the story goes on!