Write a Story with Me # 41 with Vanessa Chapman

Vanessa Chapman makes this plot even thicker this week.  What’s going on????

 41- Vanessa-Jane Chapman

Morath came to a stop a few feet in front of the building. “I need you to do something for me Tangle,” she said.

“Yes of course Grandmo…I mean, Queen…I mean Queen Gran…oh dear.” He bowed his head and bit his lip. Morath smiled and knelt down. She took his chin gently in her hand and lifted it to look warmly into his vibrant blue eyes.  He met her gaze, and felt the color rising in his cheeks.

“My child,” said Morath. “It matters not what you call me, it matters only what is in your heart. Do you understand?” She kissed him tenderly on the forehead. Tangle wasn’t sure he did understand, but he nodded anyway. “Before I go into the building,” she said. “I need you to take a message in for me. Can you do that?” He nodded. Morath continued. “The message can only be given to Yoran, and you must give it directly to him yourself Tangle. That is most important. Can I trust you to do that?” Tangle nodded again.

“What is the message Queen Grandmother?” he asked. Morath looked around cautiously before leaning forward to whisper into Tangle’s ear.

“The sacred Gleaming Tree yields its leaves only to those who are ready to receive its power,” she said. “Repeat it exactly like that. Yoran will understand.”

“But I don’t,” said Tangle.

“No,” said Morath. “But one day you will. Now go in please, I will wait here. When you have delivered the message to Yoran, and only to Yoran, come back and tell me, and then I will enter alone.”

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  1. I like it Vanessa! I wonder what the Queen is up to though!

  2. Vanessa, this is awesome!

  3. Well done, Vanessa! 🙂

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