Write a Story With me # 47 with Richard Leonard

Write a Story with Me is a group endeavor just for the fun of it.  A different writer adds a new 250 words each week.  It is the ultimate Flash Fiction Challenge!

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Part 47 – Richard Leonard

The Officer strode from the room to collect the mysterious child Queen Morath spoke of. The murmurs continued. Child? What child is this? Yoran could think of no child. It must be a special child of the Fae.

“Order!”, called Queen Morath, and the murmurs ceased immediately. “’Protector’ Yoran Sumner. You are charged with direct and indirect crimes against the Fae far too numerous to list. Generally speaking they include, but are not limited to, unlawful imprisonment, deprivation of liberties, forced exile, trespass, murder, unlawful occupation of lands and territories, and last but certainly not least, the assassination of their leader, the Queen of Queens of the Fae. May we hear your defence?”

Yoran didn’t have to see the shocked faces of his younger girls to reply. “This is outrageous! I am guilty of nothing! I do not have to defend my self. Where is your proof? Your being alive is proof enough of your lies!”

“I can prove that I was killed, Mister Sumner. So technically the assassination was successful. Need I remind you of your likely punishment?”

At that moment the Officer returned, walking gingerly with a small bundle that could only be a newborn baby sleeping in his arms. He turned slowly so everyone in the courtroom had clear view of the little boy, to ensure there was no uncertainty.

Yoran gazed around and saw expressions of confusion, some of horror, others of despair. What shocked him were the majority were of joy and anticipation. Then suddenly the truth hit him. Marci wailed. Sian’s expression remained fixed.

Queen Morath spoke. “Yes, Yoran. This is your newborn son. Again, may we hear your defence of the charges brought to you?”

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2 responses to “Write a Story With me # 47 with Richard Leonard

  1. A fine turn of events. Fantastic. I too hate to wait a week for the next installment.

  2. I hate having to wait a week to discover what’s coming up next! lol Well done, Leonard! 🙂