Free Fridays! The Little Blue Lady from Mars considers “Rise of the Magi”


Jennifer13You really need to be on your best behavior today.

Promise me!


Alien Huh Close

I’m always on my best behavior.


Jennifer13Well, what I mean is be nice, and no blowing anything up. 

We want to make her feel at home.

Alien Huh CloseWhy?

What’s so special about this chic?

Jennifer13You don’t understand!  This is Jocelyn Adams.  She’s the author of “The Glass Man”. 

It was one of my favorite books last year.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Wonderful.  First I have to worry about headless men.  Now I have to worry about men made of glass?

This is a very odd planet you have here.

Jennifer13Then why don’t you go home and find someone else’s blog to haunt?


Alien Huh CloseWhy would I do that?

I have too much fun here blowing stuff up with you.


I’m, Umm, honored.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Well, let’s let this hoity toity wonderful author-like person in.

I’ll see if she’s worth all the hub bub.

Jennifer13Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

[opens door]

Hi Jocelyn


Hey! Look at that.

She really is blue.


Jennifer13Come on in and have a seat.

Make yourself comfortable.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387So, Miss Jocelyn  Adams.

Jennifer M. Eaton seems to think you are “all that”, but I’ve never heard of you.

No? I’m an author who often has one foot through the crazy door, who can’t seem to shut out all of the voices in my head.  Shut up!  I’m talking to the Blue Lady here! 

Alien Huh CloseUmm, okaaaayyy… [turns to Jennifer]

This one’s two rockets short of a launch sequence.

Jennifer13I know!  Isn’t she cool? 

Ask her a question.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Okay, Miss voices in her head.

What exactly do you want, here?


What I want is a giant slice of peach pie with ice cream and a whole stack of people to read and love my book. 

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Huh.  Unless you’re gonna bake it, there’s no pie here.

Is there anything else you want?

Maybe a major book deal,

but I’m more likely to get the pie, so I’ll start with that.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Humph.  Well, if what Jennifer M. Eaton says is true, you are quite the pen wielder.

Why would she like you book more than anyone else’s?

Because I carved out a piece of my soul and slapped it down on the paper.


Alien SmileOh!

That sounds wonderfully ghastly!

Tell me more.

Okay, so I didn’t really do that since it would have hurt like hell, but I still laid myself bare to get this one written.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Grrr…. And here I thought we’d bonded.

So tell me.

Why would I want to read this new novel of yours?

Hmm, sexy, mischievous fae men and a glimpse into the mysterious workings of my original villain, Parthalan, might be carrot enough, no?

Jennifer13Oh!  Love Love Loooooove Parthalan.

AKA “The Glass Man”  Best. Villain. Ever.  Nuff Said.


He was great fun to write.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Well, I need more than a hunky man.  Fae or not.

Tell me Miss Hears Voices and Carves Out Her Heart…Does anything explode?

Yes, actually, something does explode. 

Or someone. 

Alien SmileOh!  That is exciting. Who do you blow up?

Is it the good guy?

There’s not enough blowing up of the good guy on this planet.

I can’t tell you what or who without spoiling the story, so you’ll have to read it yourself for the big kaboom.

Alien SmileOkay, I’m actually excited about this.

Tell me more.


Rise of the Magi is the third and last leg of Lila Gray’s journey.  She grew up thinking she was human even though she’s a fae designed by the hard knocks of her life to become the weapon that will keep mankind from receiving their pink slips.  In this last book, Lila has grown into her leadership role and is faced with relationship, baby, and cannibalistic tree issues, along with discovering her place in an ancient prophecy.  And the villain in this book is a nasty piece of work, too.  I’m quite proud of that.

Alien SmileExplosions ANNNNDDD Cannibalistic Trees?  Oh! What fun!

You sound like my kind of gal.

Have you ever exploded anything, just for fun?

My brother and I used to blow up crickets with firecrackers when I was little because they’re bloody annoying, does that count?

Alien SmileOh!  Those little chirping things?  Hmmm.  Never thought of exploding something smaller than me, but they ARE annoying.

I like to take over worlds on my spare time.  Would you like to join me?

Well, I don’t know.  I tried to snatch the moon once, but my cardboard box shuttle had a malfunction and dumped me on my arse.  I’ve settled for conquering my hammock in the back yard instead.

Alien SmileOkay, fun but not smart.

You need to coat the cardboard with space polymers to get out of the atmosphere, silly.

Ohhhhhh.  SO that’s what I did wrong.

I love your hair by the way.


Alien SmileYou do?


I’ve never had blue hair, but lots of other colors.  I have painted my husband’s hair blue, once.  A blue Mohawk to be exact.

Alien SmileOh!  He must have looked absolutely Martianly!

I bet he looked hawt!


It was definitely different.


Alien SmileYou know what?

Why don’t you hang out and stay a while.

Would you like some dessert?



Jennifer13Umm, Little Blue Lady, all I have is Strawberry Cheese Cake. 

You’re allergic to red stuff, remember?

Alien SmileShoot.  Bummer.

Hey, Jocelyn Adams.

How about you tell me what it tastes like.

Jennifer13Oh Oh. [Snickers]

Show don’t tell, Jocelyn.

[Clears her throat and takes a bite] 

I slide my spoon into white, creamy goodness, making sure to nick a little of the fresh strawberry sauce and whipped cream, and bring it to my mouth.  The richness of the cream cheese and sweetness of the berries slide across my tongue, and I moan as I lick the spoon clean of every last speck before diving in again. 

Alien SmileWow!  Scrape those strawberries off, because I want a bite.

Thumbs up for Jocelyn Adams!


Does that mean I can give away a copy of my book?

Alien SmileNot only that.

How about one copy of Rise of the Magi, and all commenters get a chance to win ALL THREE BOOKS?


That’s a great idea.  How about I make the three books paperback, and I’ll sign them?

Alien SmileOh!  You are just delectable!

Now, let’s go coat that cardboard box over there with space polymers and I’ll show you how to properly get to the moon.

Jennifer13There you have it! One e-book copy of Rise of the Magi for a lucky commenter, and a chance to win the entire Lila Gray trilogy paperbacks signed by Jocelyn Adams.  Let’s get commenting!

And if you’d like to find out more about Joceyln Adams, check out her website at: or
Purchase: Rise of the Magi (A Lila Gray Novel) (Volume 3)

Alien Zig ZagAlien Zig Zag*The Little Blue Lady from Mars © Jennifer M. Eaton


27 responses to “Free Fridays! The Little Blue Lady from Mars considers “Rise of the Magi”

  1. Wow, Jocelyn! You sure know how to treat a Martian! You had the Blue Lady eating out of your hand (if not your spoon!) Great interview! 🙂

  2. You had me at the spoon licking scene!

  3. I’m definitely intrigued, I am going to be checking this trilogy out 😉

  4. Wow, you actually charmed the Blue Lady! I didn’t think that was possible. Your books have been in my when-I-have-space-in-my-budget list for a while now…
    Of course, if I get lucky and win the last book, I’ll *have* to buy the first ones, so I can read them all. 😀

  5. Claire Gillian

    Another fun blue lady interview!

  6. The Little Blue Lady has so much personality and add a nice tongue-in-cheek element I like.
    Congratulations to Jocelyn Adams for her latest publication. Another excellent interview, Jennifer.

  7. The Little Blue Lady does it again ~ AWESOME interview. Someone explodes? I’m intrigued! I have to do some catching up on the series but thank you for introducing Jocelyn here today. Rock on!

  8. Awesome interview, although I’m hungry for strawberry cheesecake now. Dang, and it’s still morning. This trilogy sounds really good, Jocelyn.

  9. What a great interview. Jocelyn handles the blue lady beautifully although I’m a bit afraid of both. Blowing up crickets? The book sounds like a great read.

    • Hehe…I’d totally forgotten about that odd moment of my childhood until this interview. Maybe that’s what kicked off my weird imagination?

  10. Okay, how fun was that? Great interview, guys. Jocelyn is a seriously intense writer of thrilling stories and tough girls blowing stuff up and saving the day. No wonder she gets along so well with Ms. Blue Thang …

  11. Great Post! I love it when I can laugh with fun characters. 🙂

  12. Love the Little Blue Lady. Jocelyn seemed to tame her with ease. I’m impressed.

    • It wasn’t easy, but in the end I’m no longer afraid she’s going to give me blue hair or blow me up. 😉

  13. What a delightfully fun interview! One rocket short of a launch sequence — love it! 😀