Learning to draw Manga #3 Front View Boy

This week my son and I tackled the front view boy.  I figured I’d show you the step by step process to show you how easy it is.

First, start with a circle. Cut it into four equal parts and then cut the lower half into four equally spaced sections.  I go freehand.  Dude likes to use a ruler.


Next, add a frame for the chin.  Manga likes a pointy chin.  I’ll probably start putting my own spin on this soon.


Next, add the eyes in the third lower section.  Eyebrows on the line above, each slightly towards the outer circle.  The nose line just to the left of the center line, right on the outer circle mark, and do your best on the ears.  Dude and I agree ears are EVIL.


Next, the dreaded Manga Hair.  I drew this directly from the diagram.  I don’t get the flow of the hair yet.  Dude does better than me on this aspect.

P1030645 Next, darken and add a little clothing if desired.  I decided to round the chin at this point as well.  Also add a shade under the chin. Once your lines are nice and dark, erase the light lines of the “cheat” circle originally drawn.

P1030647 That’s it.  Break it down a step at a time, and it’s really not that hard.

Yes, Dude is still growling at me, but I’m glad I’m doing this with him.  It’s giving him the competitive charge to try to get better than me.  Nope, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. (He writes, too.)  🙂



19 responses to “Learning to draw Manga #3 Front View Boy

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  3. I still haven’t opened that drawing kit I bought but each post like this that you publish pushes me more and more to use it. 🙂

  4. Love the manga drawing posts…they have inspired me to have a go, am always up for a new creative challenge 🙂

  5. I luuuuuuuuuve drawing manga-style-! It’s been ages. Hmm… may have to revisit that at some point. Nicely done though; great pic. ^_^

  6. Multi-talented family… I read an article the other day on yahoo or huffpo news about how a scientist has envisioned humans looking in 20,000/60,000/100,000 years. Our brains (foreheads) will get bigger, our eyes as well (to absorb all this tech we stare at all day) and voila… (?!? my first thought) manga humanoids. I swear. What do the Japanese know that we don’t? 🙂

    • Ha! That’s very funny. I actually like the look of some of it. The more adult-contemporarty characters look fun, but more complicated. I’m taking it one step at a time, but would like to get there.

  7. Fun! Thanks for the step by step.

  8. Wonderful, isn’t it, when your child mirrors your genes? I think it’s amazing being part of this miracle. Nice to hear you little guy is still into the drawing and is being challenged. Heartwarming to read about.