Aren’t stats just the coolest thing? People really do stop here. It blows me away.

I just love Statistics.  Well, I love statistics that can be handed to me on a silver platter.  I leave the figuring out the statistics and other “mathy” things to Middle Dude.  His mom is mathematically challenged.

Anyway, A year ago I started counting unique visitors to my site.  I know a lot of you are here a few times a week or more (Thanks!) but I was wondering how many NEW people come.

The statistics actually blew me away.

I started calculating in mid June, 2012, and a year later, here are my stats.

free counters

This counter says that in the past year, over 12,000 UNIQUE people from the USA have stopped by my site.  That’s INDIVIDUAL people, not repeats.  How stinking cool is that?

In second place are my buddies in Canada, over 2,000 strong.  Hello up north!

And a big howdy over the pond to the 1,700+ people visiting in the UK.

All in all, people from 151 countries have visited this site.  Part of me knows that some may land here by accident, but when they hop around to find out about me, I can’t help but grin.

When you really look into your stats, and what people clicked on to bring them here, and what they looked at once they landed — well, the internet is a pretty amazing thing.  How the heck can I have a conversation with someone in Saudi Arabia?  (I’m going to bed, she’s having her morning coffee) Weird, isn’t it?

It’s incredible to me how technology can make the world such a smaller place, isn’t it?

I don’t recommend getting too obsessed with your stats, though.  I was for a while, giving myself an aneurism every time the stats dropped a bit.  They can drive you crazy, and I’d much rather spend my time writing.

What do you think? Do you love your stats or hate them?

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Do you love your stats or hate them? Looking into your numbers can drive you crazy 

Aren’t blog statistics the coolest thing? 

How many individual people visit your website? It’s great fun finding out!



34 responses to “Aren’t stats just the coolest thing? People really do stop here. It blows me away.

  1. In answer to your question—both. 🙂

    It is cool to see visitors from all around the world. It would be even better if WordPress could show us the people who visit our posts only through the reader! On posting mornings I just shake my head when I see six people liked the new post, but it has 0 views. 😉

    • Yeah – I also know that I, personally read a lot or blogs through email. I never actually GO TO the websites. It’s just more convenient – especially for Blogger blogs that don’t let me comment anyway. I feel bad, but my “read” is never tabulated.

  2. NICE stats! I don’t think about them much now but I did in the beginning. They ARE fun though.

  3. I am a stats monster jennifer. I hold my breath each time I look., Well, maybe not every time but many times. i find it so gratifying to know people care what I write and i try to only write interesting things.

  4. What a shout out. I was just showing a colleague the image saying “all 78 of those are me, I think.” hahaha 😉 I love wordpress stats too. Even if no comments or likes, I can still feel like there are readers. hehehe

    • Actually on this particular stat it only counts people once. Repeat visits are only caught in the hits counter – a different stat. It still boggles my mind where you are.

      • Really? So you have 78 different…well, maybe 74 different readers here? (because I check you on work, home, ipad and iphone systems) Or am I misunderstanding? My new stats don’t have the map. Maybe it was the pretty picture I liked so much. It weirds me out that I’m talking to anybody at home but don’t know the time zones. Makes me very curious, and sometimes the sensation is like you are someone in my house when I’m not there. I’m holding out for Antarctica. There has to be a polar scientist who reads blogs, right?

  5. So true about Blogger. What a pain to comment there. LOL I try not to get hung up on stats. I mean, I only post once a week, so it’s a pretty quiet blog. I enjoy it, and like the little community I’ve built. I don’t go crazy promoting it, and I only comment on blog post that I like (when I’m not too busy).

    Like you, I’ve been surprised at how many people will comment to me in person that they’ve read a post, yet they’ve NEVER commented. Great feeling to know our words touch someone’s lives in a positive way. 🙂

  6. I don’t pay attention to my stats. I don’t get a lot of visitors and I don’t want to get depressed. 😛

  7. Stats would depress me. I barely even look at the hit counter on my site!

  8. I get a kick out of my stats too… I like to see what countries I get hits from, it is exciting (armchair travel!).. I have a flag counter as well, but I have noticed that it doesn’t catch all that the regular blogger stats say. You have a good thing going with “The Story”. Are you gonna give it a title?

  9. I used to pay attention to my stats, but I don’t too much anymore. Especially now that I’m on a summer blog break. I doubt they’re pretty…

  10. I never look at my stats, but that is very COOL!!!

  11. talesfromthelou

    I don’t look at them anymore, I try not to anyway, but yes they are fun. I get a kick out of knowing that thousands of people from all over the planet come to my little site. It’s humbling and invigorating.

  12. I love them I check them so often that i’m glad everytime there is an additional viewer or when all the pages i’ve put up gets explored by many ^_^

  13. I do like looking at my stats, but not obsessively, I like to see which posts attract more visitors than others, and because I only post once a week usually, I can define that difference more easily I guess than more regular posters. I get great pleasure looking at the search terms that have brought people to my site! But whatever the numbers say, I value the comments more because then you really know people have read it, and it means a lot that they’ve taken the time to stop and comment.

    • Yes, totally. I love comments, but I;ve found out that there are tons of people who read, but don’t comment. Very frequently I’m a t an event, and people will say “I read your article about such and such” and I as who they are, and I’ve never heard of them. Many people read, but don’t comment.

      I am actually guilty of this on great Blogger blogs. They are just too difficult to comment on, so I just enjoy, and move on.

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  15. They are definitely great figures! I randomly check mine just to see if I’m dropping! Luckily I’m not, but I certainly don’t have numbers like that. It’s great. Well done!

  16. ‘Course peeps stop here. It’s fun … and there’s fishies!

  17. Khaula Nazir


  18. Hello, from up north! Like you, I check out my stats, but only occasionally (and I’m also Mathematically challenged!). It is really cool to see where visitors come from, isn’t it?

    Glad to see you’ve had a ton of visitors over the past year. I sometimes wonder whether the stats include the spammers, but it can be interesting to keep track. 🙂

  19. love your stats. Love your blog followers even more. I’ve been at this blogging thing much longer and don’t have 1/2 your followers so you must be doing something veeerrrry right! You go girl!!