Learning to Draw Manga #7 – Adult 3/4 view

This one was the hardest yet for some reason.

Well, I know why… I put the eyes in the wrong place to start, and I had to erase them and start over.  Oh, well.  You can still see the outline of the misplaced eye and the nose if you look closely.  The eraser didn’t take it all away.

I really don’t like this one.  The inking here makes it look traced.  I think my marker is too thin.  I might see if I can get one slightly thinker.

manga 7 adult side

Oh!  Did you notice a little color?  That was Dude’s idea.  It made the eyes look MUCH better than when I’d first finished.

Little steps.

Has anyone else taken up a hobby with their kids?  How did it go?



4 responses to “Learning to Draw Manga #7 – Adult 3/4 view

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  3. I don’t know anything about drawing and applaud your progress.
    Other than teaching my grandkids to read, I have never taken up a hobby either with them or their mother when she was growing up.

  4. hey, thanks for the ping back! I really appreciate it. It’s ok, my current marker is also that thin 😀 yeah I can see the mistake, but if I drew it I can erase it all over again until I’m happy with the proportion 🙂