Did you send your first five pages to Breathless Press for critique?

It seems like all or most of the critiques are back now. Everyone is a flurry about the responses, and many who have never submitted anything before are scratching their heads thinking: “What does this mean?”

It all has me a little curious.  And I’d love it if you’d participate in a little survey. If you submitted two selections, please answer twice.  (Once  for each story) Of course, I’ll post the results in case anyone else is curious. Please choose only one response for each critique you received.

However it all played out, I hope it was an enlightening experience.

I’m wondering… Would you do this again if you had the chance?


4 responses to “Did you send your first five pages to Breathless Press for critique?

  1. I did not take part, because my I’m satisfied with my current publisher, but I’m keenly interested in the experience other authors are having. I await the results of the survey.

  2. Would do this again.
    Had to check “other” for my one manuscript. They made only one comment and requested the full when it’s complete with no mention of fast track.

  3. I would most definitely do this again. Any experience I can gain in the submission process helps me as an author, even if I don’t get an answer. I look at every time I hit that submit button, I’m a little bit stronger and a little more confident. That, in itself, is worth a ton. In this case, I was a lucky one with 2 fast-tracks. The rest at this point, is up to me.

  4. Wow, some people got fast tracked? That’s brilliant news (and a smart move on the side of Breathless).
    I wonder how many cracking new stories will get released this year because of this critique session.