Am I a Real Person? I’m not sure.

Hmm, am I a real person?


*Please wait while I hum the Jeopardy theme song in my head for 30 seconds while flying around the room on my unicorn*


The answer is . . . no.

I am a robot: eat, sleep, write, eat, sleep, write, eat, sleep, write.


Hello, I’m Jamie Ayres, and the truth is, I wish I were a robot. I’m more real than I care to admit. If real means being a frustrated, insecure, hot mess. Yeah, the past month has been crazy.

If I was a robot, I could accept or refuse thoughts from bullies without getting upset. I could wire my brain and abilities any way I wanted. I could program myself to be happy no matter whom or what surrounded me each day.

But that’s not the mark of a real person. And as my second novel, 18 Truths, was being released and attacks were coming from all sides, I recognized God was showing me my own personal truth in the midst of it. He allows bad days to happen to make us aware of how much we need help.

My definition of a real person is one who tells the truth, means what they say but doesn’t say it mean, and has a good heart. From that perspective, I rather like the label of being a “real” person, even as I listen to the voices of my characters whispering in the dark corners of my mind.

Alien PKO_0003410That doesn’t mean I’m not opposed to the Little Blue Lady abducting me

*puts on foil hat and chants, “Take me to your leader.”

Together, we will rule the Earth!!! 

Be careful what

you wish for!

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6 responses to “Am I a Real Person? I’m not sure.

  1. Elizabeth Seckman

    I can’t believe people gave you a hassle. There are haters everywhere and for sensitive souls (like me!), I always get blind sided by them. Then I get mad at myself for being shocked by meanies, tell myself next time I will be ready…then it happens again and it throws me for a loop all over again! Geesh. I’m glad you’re real. And i want a robot me too.

  2. LBL is mysterious and dangerous! *runs away to feed the fishies*

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  4. Bring it, Blue Lady! *Rubs hands together greedily while sporting evil grin & busts out my most super-maniacal laugh EVER–muhahahaha*