Take a deep breathe. Just one more day.

Fire in the Woods Revised CoverTomorrow, my debut novel FIRE IN THE WOODS officially releases in ebook. In about a month, the paperback will follow.

Yes, I’ve been published before, but they were each shorter works. Teasers, so to speak. This is different. Very different.

The blog tour is prepared. The review copies have been sent out. Everything has run seamlessly so far (Thanks to my lovely and talented publicist, Jaime, who I never want to live without. Again. Ever.)

But even though all the hard work is done, I still look at the date and say.

Huh. Tomorrow. Really?

It’s kind of strange to have worked so hard, and always see that spark of hope way off in the distance. But then that spark suddenly turns into a gigantic firework about to explode.

Well, at least I hope for a few explosions.

So now, with a touch of disbelief, I sit back and wait.

Excited? Yes. Totally.

But still somewhere, deep inside, is that unpublished wanna-be a novelist.

My only real hope is that my book makes a few people smile.

Thinking that people I have never met and who don’t know who I am might read and enjoyed a story I’ve created is the most exciting thought ever.



12 responses to “Take a deep breathe. Just one more day.

  1. Congratulations! Great trailer! Perhaps a little bubbly is required for the celebration?

  2. Time flies when you work hard. 😀 Congratulations. Love the trailer.

  3. Congrats, honey. You deserve this. And to think, when we met, you had another sci fi thriller you were sure was going to be your debut novel. Now you have Fire and another goodie or two to add to it, you can get to work on that awesome space odessey again and get it out to the world!

  4. Great trailer!

  5. Loving that trailer. 🙂 Congrats and well done! Looking forward to having a read.