Looking back at 2014. Wow, what a year for me!

It was quite a year for me writing wise. I came into 2014 having queried FIRE IN THE WOODS for quite some time, and I had pretty much decided that the dystopian I was finishing up would probably be my debut novel. I had three more publishers on my bucket list to send FIRE to, and then I was going to tuck it away for a rainy day.

Fire-in-the-Woods-Cover 3DSo the big news, or course, is signing the three book deal for FIRE IN THE WOODS.

Plus, with the help of my publisher, Month9Books, I edited and marketed and did two complete blog tours for FIRE IN THE WOODS, bringing FIRE to #6 on Amazon’s ALIENS best sellers list in the UK, and #45 on Amazon’s YA/Aliens best sellers list in the USA.

Whew! Part of me still has trouble digesting that.

But this is what I also accomplished:

  1. Finished a nearly-final draft of a dystopian (That will need to be re-edited)
  2. Started a dragon shifter novel (That I needed to set aside because I got a contract)
  3. Finished the first draft of a middle grade contemporary
  4. Finished the first draft of an adult contemporary sci-fi murder mystery
  5. Completed and submitted ASHES IN THE SKY (Book 2 of FIRE IN THE WOODS)
  6. Completed 28,000 words of the first draft of book three of FIRE IN THE WOODS
  7. Outlined two complete contemporary sci-fi YA romances
  8. Conceptualized two additional contemporary science fiction novels
  9. Conceptualized (in infancy) a YA demon novel

That’s a lot. Probably the most I’ve ever done in one year writing wise.

It’s been quite a roller coaster. Here’s to entering into 2015 with the same great luck and support I had in 2014. It was a wonderful year.

What was your greatest accomplishment of 2014?



13 responses to “Looking back at 2014. Wow, what a year for me!

  1. Yep. ‘WOW’ just about covers it! 🙂

  2. You are a powerhouse of writing! Fantastic year. I did read Fire in the Woods just before Christmas and loved it! Sorry I haven’t done a review yet, I promise I will soon, I was just saying on Jenny K’s blog that I haven’t reviewed Reading Glasses yet either. I’m not very good at getting round to writing reviews, and I know they’re really important for you all, so I can make that a mini resolution for me this year, to get my ass into gear with reviews!

    Wishing you an equally, if not more, awesome 2015!

  3. Wow! You’ve had a busy and productive year. Well done. You’re an inspiration.

  4. Way to go Jennifer. I cannot say I am surprised however, your writing stands out and it was only a matter of the right publisher getting their eyes on it.

  5. That is an awesome year!!! I think my greatest accomplishment was not having a nervous breakdown with all the stuff that happened, but I don’t know if I can even claim that one. It was only by God’s grace alone 🙂 Cheers to 2015!!

    • Same here. I know He’d never throw me anything i couldn’t handle. Sometimes i just needed to step back and breathe. Congrats on a great year with your series! Woohoo!

  6. You rock! I wrote three novels this year and five short stories, one of which appears in an anthology on Feb. 13 – my fiction publishing debut. It was a rough year (my mom passed 1-22-14) but that didn’t keep me from moving forward.
    2015 is the year I have a novel deal. (The fictionalization I plan to self-pub in May doesn’t count as my debut novel.)
    Thanks for sharing your journey with me.

  7. Thanks Christy! I’m really looking forward to getting some new stuff out there!

  8. Well done! I am almost done my second book. I hope your 2015 sees you continued success in the writing world!