Two novels in nine months. Wow. Taking stock, and taking notes

For the first time in my life, typing “The End” felt like a huge relief rather than an epic accomplishment.

PKO_cheer30010118I just fulfilled my third contracted novel in the FIRE IN THE WOODS series in record time (at least for me) but still late, after asking for a one-month extension.

PKO_cheer10001289Looking back, I have to appreciate what an incredible personal accomplishment this was. A year ago today, I was checking my email daily, waiting for responses on my submissions while working on a dystopian novel (that is still only in fourth draft form)

Month_9_Books_Mermaid1It wasn’t until June 9, 2014 that I received the offer from Month9Books, with a three book deal attached. SWEET! But I looked at the tight deadlines with a shudder.

They wanted me to come up with two more novels, write, edit, and submit within eight months; while working at a break-neck speed to release and market book one in a “window of opportunity”.

If you’ve been here a long time, you know I rarely balk at a challenge.

Looking back, though, I think if I am ever faced with such an offer again, I might try to push out the dates to five or six months for each book.

Can I write a clean book in four months?

Yes. This little adventure has proven that. But I’d rather have more time than I need, and submit early, than hit a bump in the road (like I did in the middle of book three) and have to ask for an extension.

Yeah, I may be dreaming, because I am a little fish in a big ocean, and some publishers won’t budge. But at least now I will know what I am getting myself into.

Would I do it again?

Yes. In a heartbeat. Like I said, a year ago my debut novel was sitting in query cues, and still getting rejections. Now that same book that I was considering “shelving” is a three book series, with decent sales and great reviews on book one.

Yep. I have to admit: It feels good.

But I still need a vacation.

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13 responses to “Two novels in nine months. Wow. Taking stock, and taking notes

  1. That’s a great accomplishment that deserves to be celebrated on that vacation that is well-deserved! And when you come back, maybe that dystopian story will grab you and force you back to your computer to get it done. 😉

  2. And just in time for spreak break!

  3. You d.e.s.e.r.v.e. a vacation. 😀

  4. I can only hope to be as successful. 🙂 Congratulations.

  5. Congratulations – I stand in awe at such hard work and achievement! Hope you have time to relax and take it easy for a while.

    • Yeah, I read the beginning of my new book that I started on my writer’s retreat, but I didn’t write any more. Maybe new week. Right now I’m in goof off mode. It feels kind of weird, not having a deadline hanging over my head.

  6. You are amazing. I’m thrilled to say I know the author of “Fire in the Woods” and “she even read some of my stuff and thought it wasn’t too bad.”
    Take a break. I can’t wait to see what Jess and David get into through the next two books. In short – I’m glad you didn’t say no to that deal 9 months ago.