Review of International Adult Thriller “Sun Storm” by Asa Larsson

This book was awarded Sweden’s “Best First Crime Novel” award. This is not really my genre, but I picked it up because my WIP at the time, had turned into a murder mystery, and I wanted to see how another author handled a murder investigation.

In this book, a prominent, famous religious leader is murdered, and we watch through the investigator’s eyes, and through the eyes of the sister and former love interest of the victim. It took me a long time, but this book did interest me at the end.

However, while you do find out who the killer is, you never find out if the reason the victim was murdered was true or not.

Also, there are two kids in the novel that are very prominent. Their “fate” as it were, is left open in the end. I just wish there were more closure. I think this is a three star for me.

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  1. I love reading an honest review. Thanks, Jennifer.