Get your Dragons on! A review of Talon by Julie Kagawa


I am not sure what I expected out of this novel, but for some reason I found this to be a huge surprise. Talon is told from three different points of view. 1: a teenage soldier, part of a secret order whose sole goal is to destroy every dragon before they can take over the world. 2: A teenage dragon-shifting girl, who is fresh out of school and has to learn to blend in to normal human society for a few months in the summer before becoming an active member of Talon, a dragon organization built to help dragons survive. And 3: A young rogue dragon who has left Talon and is struggling to free other dragons from their rule.

Yes, there is a slight love triangle in this book, but it is not overbearing as it is in many YA novels. Also, the love triangle is not the focus of this book. Rather, it is about the struggles of these three characters all in direct opposition to each other, and all faced with decisions that will question everything they believe.

This book had me really drawn in and dying to get back to it when I had to put it down. The only drawback is that it has one of those endings that is worse than a normal cliffhanger. For me, a cliffhanger is when the plot points of this book are complete, but there is one or more questions open that make me interested in getting another book. Talon does not end like this (although it easily could have). Rather, it ends mid-chapter, in the middle of a climactic scene. Everyone could still die. (In other words, no ending) This is not my favorite way to end a book 1 in a series. This is okay for me in a second or third book, because if I’d continued the series past book one, I would probably keep reading anyway, but to end like this in a book one feels like a cheap way to guarantee another sale.

Am I getting the next book? Of course! I loved Talon. This might even be in my ten best books ever. I just wish it had a more traditional ending. A few more pages. That’s all I needed.

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  1. Had to laugh. I always want ‘a few more pages’ of books I like too! 😀