Sometimes you just need to go OVER THE EDGE

Over the Edge by Suzanne Brockmann (Audiobook) [Adult Content Warning]

This is a Navy Seal novel. I picked it up because the last Seal novel I read was exciting enough to hold my interest, and I wanted something with some action. Never in a million years did I expect that this book might be in contention for the best of the year, or that it might be one of the best books I’ve ever read. In this novel, a SEAL team is called in to save the passengers on a hijacked plane. But this is more than an explosive rescue story. We see the SEAL team, and the passengers, and the FBI agents before the hijacking. We see who they are outside of “hero mode”. Then we get to see them as real people through the entire operation, with real, everyday problems that they need to deal with on top of having the lives of a few hundred people in their hands. In an interesting and well-done twist, we also get to see into the lives of a Jewish family escaping German occupation of Denmark, a country you don’t hear too much about when you think of the Holocaust. Interesting, that it is this part of the story that had me in tears at the end. There are several romances running through this novel, and not all of them end well. ROMANCE READER WARNING -NOT EVERYONE GETS A HAPPY ENDING. Showing the true danger Navy SEALS face every day, not everything goes as planned.

This is what will sit with me for a long while. This novel was published in 2001, just 14 days before 911. The themes within are startlingly timeless, as we are facing the same threats today. Five enthusiastic stars for Over the Edge. I can’t even subtract a star for one side-character’s overuse of the F-bomb. Just be ready for it. Ignore it if that bothers you. This book is worth every minute.


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