Slap on your virtual reality suit! A review of Arena by Holly Jennings

Wow. I really loved this book so much more than I expected to! This book takes place in the future, where virtual reality games have become a sport. 30687917It’s kinda disturbing, but these people have to get in really good shape, because they are their avatars in the virtual world, and they play a game similar to catch the flag, but they kill each other to get to the flags… but if they die, they just wake up and get to play again another day. The overall arc of the story is the protagonist’s team gets beaten pretty badly, and has to win every game after that to make it to the championship. While they are playing, they deal with real-world issues outside the virtual arena, like video game addiction, drugs, relationships, and dealing with the death of someone you care about (all in front of news cameras). I am not really into sports, and the idea of gladiator-like combat, even in the virtual world does not appeal to me, but this story really drew me in. I am looking forward to seeing where the next book takes us, because this first book did end very much like a stand alone. I would definitely look for another Holly Jennings book.

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