The best first chapter I’ve ever read. Oh, well.

Forsaken Skies by D. Nolan Clarke (Ebook) DNF I have to say that I was super disappointed in this book. It started out with one of the best first chapters that I have ever read. There is a space ship throttling toward a civilian institution and no one can hail the pilot. Another ship appears that seems to be chasing him. We see the second pilot trying to get the first pilot to give up, and we also see the space-equivalent to an air-traffic controller trying to get the other ships out of the way to reduce the body count if there is a crash.

Well, (minor spoiler) the first ship gets through and the second ship keeps chasing. They we find out the backstory on these two ships’ pilots, and the controller. I was TOTALLY engaged.

From this point on, though, the book fell flat for me. I wanted that same excitement and adventure I found in the beginning. That brilliant pacing, however, did not return. Despite the coming together of a great rag-tag crew, I had to abandon this book after reading about 350 pages, and realizing I had another 300 pages to go. Ummm, no.

Despite being uber interested in the storyline, the pacing didn’t interest me. HOWEVER if you are in to a long, detailed slow-paced space epic, this might totally be the book for you. I did enjoy what was going on… It just did not move fast enough for me.

I challenge you, though, to go to your bookseller and get a sample of this book to absorb the epic-ness of that first chapter. It was enough to keep me reading for an additional 300 pages even after it slowed down considerably. I just wish the rest of it kept pace. (sad face)


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