Welcome back to Maldobar! There’s a new Dragonriders series out by @nicoleconway!

Oh! I’m so excited! There’s a brand new Dragondriders series coming out, and today we have Best-Selling Author Nicole Conway with us to talk shop–errr… dragons. And Nicole has a chance to win a Kindle Fire and some signed art!

Hi Nicole! Dragonriders is a super successful series, hanging in the top ten for, like FOREVER. Everyone loves Jaevid!

What challenges did you encounter creating a new series in the same world, and what did you do to keep the stories sounding fresh?

18733563To be perfectly honest, I’ve been writing in the Dragonrider Chronicles world for so long now, it’s harder not to let my mind go there! It’s become a comfort zone for me, because I’m so familiar with the landscape and history. Writing about that world feels like coming home. So I was very excited to get to shed new light and breathe new life into it with a different perspective. 23344338Changing the angle of focus to the lives and culture of the elves seemed like the logical transition since so much of the first series revolved around the human way of life in their kingdom. So I’m taking us back there, but on a different path, to see that world from a completely different viewpoint.

27212876Not that there weren’t some challenges to writing this series— there totally were. The fact that The Dragonrider Legacy skips ahead 40 years from the ending of the first series was the biggest issue I had to tackle. I’m dealing with the next generation of dragonriders, who have been forced to change since the ending of the war. I had to look at how the war has changed their world, how the people are adapting after living through that time, and how the mixing of the two cultures of the elves and humans has impacted their world. I’m also introducing children and grandchildren of the original cast—plus Jaevid, of course. That part was fun, especially when it came to Felix’s children. He had a lot of karma built up from his own unruly childhood. He gets his fair dose of it in return, especially from his daughter, who will be featured later in the series as the first female narrator AND first formally trained dragonrider.

35300138I’m so excited to see what readers think of this new take on Maldobar.

My goal with this series was not to alienate new readers. You don’t have to have read The Dragonrider Chronicles in order to enjoy Dragonrider Legacy.

But maybe it will pique a reader’s curiosity enough to want to learn more about the first generation and Jaevid’s life before.





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Not to mention: DRAGONSSSSS!!!!! 

Thanks for stopping by Nicole!

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About Nicole Conway:

My name is Ashley “Nicole” Conway. I’m originally from North Alabama and attended Auburn University where I earned a BA in English with a concentration in Classics & Mythology. I’m happily married and have one son, Ethan.

Writing has been a passion of mine since childhood, and to be able to do it as a full time career is something I take as a great blessing and honor. My heart is in children’s literature, specifically middle-grade and young adult fantasy. Best known is my MG/YA fantasy series titled THE DRAGONRIDER CHRONICLES, which is published by Month9Books. I’m currently working on a follow-on series, THE DRAGONRIDER LEGACY


Savage begins the Dragonrider Legacy series, a thrilling companion to the international bestselling Dragonrider Chronicles.

35300138Never send a hero to do a monster’s job.

Forty years have passed since Jaevid Broadfeather brought peace to Maldobar and Luntharda. But that fragile truce will be tested as darkness gathers on the horizon. The vicious armies of the Tibran Empire have crossed the far seas and are threatening to destroy Maldobar completely. Not even the dragonriders can match the Tibran war machines. And after an attempt to awaken Jaevid from his divine sleep fails, the fate of Maldobar is looking grim.

35300138Reigh has never known what it means to be a normal human. Raised amongst the gray elves in the wild jungle of Luntharda, he’s tried everything to fit in. But the dark power within him is bursting at the seams—refusing to be silenced. And while his adoptive father, Kiran, insists this power must be kept secret, Reigh knows he’s running out of time.

As Maldobar burns, the world is desperate for a new hero. Destiny has called, and one boy will rise to answer.


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