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Hi! I’m back! Soooo, How did it go? Did the Authors take good care of you?

Oh, how I miss the roller coasters, beaches, shows… and yes, some of the best snorkeling ever.  I also got to swim with a dolphin for the first time in my life.  My kids have no idea how good they have it, I swear!

I may be cajoled into posting a few pictures once I get unpacked and see what’s actually in the cameras.

In the meantime…

How did the authors treat you while I was gone?  I am looking forward to reading everyone’s posts.  I hope you received some wonderful words of wisdom from these very talented people.  I am sure you were in good hands.

So, while I am unpacking— and driving up north to pick up my peppy poodle from her vacation at the shore with her birth family— let me ask you a few questions:

Which author post did you love the most and why?

Is there anyone in particular I should invite back?

If the author posted a book link, did you buy their novel? (or do you already own it?)

I’m mainly curious how this all worked out.  It was a lot of work bringing this all together, and I’d like some feedback as to whether it was worth your while.