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Hi! I’m back! Soooo, How did it go? Did the Authors take good care of you?

Oh, how I miss the roller coasters, beaches, shows… and yes, some of the best snorkeling ever.  I also got to swim with a dolphin for the first time in my life.  My kids have no idea how good they have it, I swear!

I may be cajoled into posting a few pictures once I get unpacked and see what’s actually in the cameras.

In the meantime…

How did the authors treat you while I was gone?  I am looking forward to reading everyone’s posts.  I hope you received some wonderful words of wisdom from these very talented people.  I am sure you were in good hands.

So, while I am unpacking— and driving up north to pick up my peppy poodle from her vacation at the shore with her birth family— let me ask you a few questions:

Which author post did you love the most and why?

Is there anyone in particular I should invite back?

If the author posted a book link, did you buy their novel? (or do you already own it?)

I’m mainly curious how this all worked out.  It was a lot of work bringing this all together, and I’d like some feedback as to whether it was worth your while.



An Amazing Feeling. Published.

An Amazing Feeling

If you hadn’t noticed, I’m excited.  I am a born writer.  It is a talent God gave me, but I suppressed for twenty years.  Always in the back of my head, though… I knew giving up writing was a mistake.

When I decided to take up writing again in 2010, my focus was to be published.  In January of 2012, I decided that it was going to be this year.  I was going to do it.

I threw everything I had into that goal… and here I am!

And believe it or not, it only gets better.  A little over a year ago I did a beta read for a woman who has since become one of my best friends.  We’ve been on a roller coaster ride together, both striving toward that elusive publication credit at the end of the rainbow.

I am so excited to say that Jenny Keller Ford’s Amulet of Ormisez – The work that had me questioning my own submission, will also be included in J. Taylor Publishing’s Make Believe Anthology, due out just before Christmas of this year.

It’s fantastic to be published, but it’s even better to be published alongside your friend.  Instead of one of us being excited, but at the same time consoling the other, we were both able to celebrate together.

What an amazing feeling.