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Hollywood has destroyed the world how many times?

Hollywood Sign

Hollywood Sign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hollywood has destroyed the world how many times?

Here is a nod from Time magazine to one of my favorite genres, with some of my favorite movies mentioned.   I just loved this article.  There is nothing more fun that a good, exciting, “the world is going to end, but I’m gonna do something about it” movie.  Heck, I got some story ideas just breezing over some of these comments!  Where’s the popcorn!



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Help! I’ve been Kidnapped! Get me out of here! (And get a free copy of the Make Believe Anthology while you’re at it.)

Ha!  It’s me!  Thought you’d rid yourself of me, didn’t you?  Well you were wrong!!!!

I sat and twiddled my fingers, patiently waiting my turn, but Jennifer M. Eaton refused to interview me.  So now I have tied her up, and taken over her meager, unworthy website.

What?  You think the Little Blue Lady from Mars knows not how to run a website?  Well, if the scrawny author can do it, why not a formidable Martian like me?

Now where is that instruction manual?

What!  Did I hear a snicker?  Perhaps there are those of you who do not know my power?  I have taken over worlds!  This website will be no problem!

However, I am not completely heartless.  Well, I am… but today I am feeling charitable.  I realize the destruction of this little domain may poison some against me.  So, I will give her one chance.

Do you hear that?  One chance!

So, mere driveling humans, you must beg and plead for me to release Jennifer M. Eaton or you may never see her again.  Ha Ha!

Oh, you may see posts, but these were pre-programmed.  These posts will run out unless I, The Great Little Blue Lady from Mars agrees to set her free!

So, you might ask… What do you need to do to set her free?

Beg!  Beg I tell you.

Give me good reasons to set her free!  And if no one can come up with a good reason, then I will tire of this endeavor and just blow up her blog with her in it!

Wait, What?  Jennifer M. Eaton is rocking in her chair, struggling with her gag.  What do you want Jennifer M. Eaton?

Ha!  She is afraid no one will want to save her!  That’s good!  It will give me a reason to explode something!

Wait… what, Jennifer M. Eaton?  Oh!  She says that she will give a copy of the Make Believe Anthology, her publishing debut, to whoever convinces me not to blow her up.

Ha Ha!  She resorts to bribery, knowing that I am more than willing to blow this place up, just for the fun of it!

So, simple humans, start begging.  Tell me why I should not blow up Jennifer M. Eaton… and should one of you succeed, I will untie her, and you will get a copy of the Make Believe Anthology for free!

Let the begging begin!  I will give you three days to convince me.  On Saturday, October 6th, I will make my decision.

So humans, will you beg to have her back, or shall I let the explosions begin?

Your choice.

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Jenny Keller Ford


Hollywood Fiction and Technology Myths – My take on it. (Not necessarily from a writer’s perspective)

USA Today recently posted an article about television and movies, and how completely ridiculous some of the “Tech problem solving” is.

The author, Kim Komando, mentioned current movies, as well as movies from way back… like “2001, A space Odyssey”, “War Games” (a personal favorite), “The Matrix”, “Swordfish”, “Independence day”(Another favorite) , and Terminator (Hey!  Don’t mess with Arnold!) among many others.  Here is a link to the article if you’d like to read it.  It’s actually pretty good.

Everything she said is (probably) absolutely true.   (I don’t know… I’m not a techie)  But when I finished this article, I stopped and giggled.  I was thinking.  “So what if none of it makes sense.  Who cares?  It’s FUN!”

Now, really… honestly, do you watch a classic Schwarzenegger movie for the reality of the technical scenes?  Of course not!  You watch them because it is fun to watch him blow things up!  “Yay Arnold!  Go get ‘em!”

Now true, there are probably people who look at things like the security cameras that she mentions in this article and think this is actually possible to zoom in and clean up the picture— but honestly, is that hurting anybody?  No.  If anything, it will make them think twice before robbing a store.

I don’t care if Hugh Jackman can’t really hack his way into a computer system in three minutes while held at gunpoint.  That is NOT THE POINT.  The point is Drama.  Action.  Fun.  It’s called suspended reality.

I don’t know about you, but I get enough of the real world every day just driving to work.  If I read a book, or watch a movie, I’m not looking for realism.  I want to be entertained.

Excuse me.  I need to go watch Die Hard, now.  OOoooooooo.  How about an Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Marathon topped off by a little Bourne Identity!  Then maybe I’ll pop on the First Transformers movie and then save the world with Independence Day.  Oh yeah, for dessert, the all-time best movie ever made… True Lies!

Yay!  Bring on the ridiculous technology plots and let’s watch some things explode!