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Chocolate! How do I love thee. How do I need thee!

Sorry.  I cannot resist anything having to do with Chocolate.  Yes, this is a chocolate blog hop.  What’s a chocolate blog hop?  Well, it’s about chocolate, silly!

Chocolate is just the most wonderful thing in the world.  And I am one of the lucky few who gets chocolate prescribed by my doctor!  Yay!  Feeling sick? Bring on the Godiva!

Yeah, unfortunately, a good old cheap Hershey bar just doesn’t cut it.  It’s gotta be dark.  The darker the better…. with all its melty yummy goodness.

Ahhhhhh.  Who needs a freaking romance novel when you can just dive in to a box of delectable goodness.

I was going to describe eating chocolate as if I were writing for a romance novel, but I came across this fantastic poem and decided to post this instead.


This poem is by the lovely and talented Julie Catherine.  (Apparently, a fellow chocoholic)  Enjoy!


Do You Dream in Chocolate

Do you dream in chocolate

When stardust kisses your eyes

And the fondant veil descends

Caressing night with velvet sighs

Does its fullness brush your tongue

With ganache swirls upon your lips

And linger on your sweetened buds

On sumptuous, creamy tips

Or burst upon your silken throat

Entice with earthy, bold intent

And tickling notes of berry wine

Play butter curves’ lament

Does its bouquet tempt your palate

With cocoa sheen upon the rose

Cocoon you in mahogany sheets

Milky pillows for sweet repose

Do you dream in chocolate

When moonlight paints your eyes

And nectar from ambrosial liqueur

Embalms your trembling thighs

© Julie Catherine Vigna, 2011

You know what?  I’m just going to sit back and do nothing but eat chocolate tomorrow.  That sounds good, right?  It’s a chocolate vacation for me!  Yay!

Wanna hijack my blog in honor of chocolate day?  Be the first to email me and ask Really Really nice  🙂  I can be bribed with free goodies, too. Oh!  How about free goodies for my readers?  Yeah, that’s a good idea.  Bribe me and you get a post on my blog tomorrow.  (I never said I couldn’t be bought)