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Bring on the POWER OF SIX – A review of book 2 in the Lorian Legacies

The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore (Audiobook) This is the second book in the Lorian Legacies series. In book one, we met up with Number Four, who was 8659601marked next in line to die after the bad guys killed numbers one through three. At the end of book one, Four met up with Number Six.

In book two, we continue our story with Four and Six as they run from the human police who think they are terrorists, while still hiding from the alien bad guys.

We are also transported to Spain to see what’s going on with another Lorian in hiding.

This book really amps up the action, and places some pretty high expectations on book three, because we know all these kids are going to meet up soon, and the bad guys are going to throw some pretty heavy mojo at them. I liked this book a lot, and am once again looking forward to book three.

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Just be glad you’re not #1! A review of I AM NUMBER FOUR

I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore (Audiobook) A teenage boy is one of nine aliens, the last of their kind, hidden on Earth. There is another alien race trying to destroy them. The kids wear a charm that makes it so they can only be killed in a certain order. When one dies, a ring burns into the skin of the others.

A third ring just burned into John’s ankle, and he is number four. No pressure. Try to live your life knowing there is an army of alien soldiers looking for you!

I enjoyed this book on many levels, because it is, you know, aliens. But this isn’t anything deep to make you think. In fact, they probably don’t want you to think much at all, because there is a huge plot hole that never got plugged for me (no matter how hard they tried to explain it away.)

The “hole” was this: The bad-guy aliens invaded #4’s planet and killed almost everyone. These 9 kids got away. The bad guys now have the planet, and have almost used up all the recourses. So, my question is: why send soldiers to kill the kids? Yes, they try to explain this away, but the plausibility never cemented for me. I just didn’t buy it. But while that particular hole screamed at me in almost every chapter, I was able, for the most part, to suspend disbelief and just enjoy a nice, fun ride.

Yes, I would recommend this, but don’t expect rocket science. Just enjoy an interesting and fun story.

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