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#FreeFriday Win a #Free Ebook “A Heart Broken ” by Sara Barnard


Yay!  It’s Freebee Fridays time!

First of all, Congrats to last week’s winner: Maddy

You’ve received a free copy of “Mona Lisa’s Room” by Vonnie Davis, and the bonus winner of “A Taste of Chocolate” is: Charissa

If you’d like to find out more about Vonnie Davis and her books, hop on over to http://vonniedavis.com/Home_Page.html


Alien SmileI’m starting to enjoy this.  I’m really looking forward to this week’s interview!

Yes, you are doing great. 

You were almost nice to Vonnie Davis.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Nice!  This cannot happen!

No one can this I’m nice!


Please forget I said that and at lest try to be nice to this author.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387We’ll see.

Why am I worried about this?

Okay, let her in.

Alien SmileHello. authory-looking person, please come in.

Yes, yes…

Come on in and have a seat.



My shirt matches you hair! 

Alien SmileWell, yes, it is nearly the same shade.

How wonderful.

Who are you, my dear?

My name is Sara Barnard and I want to take readers back in time to the 19th century so they can share in the adventures of Confederate Captain Sanderson Redding and his damsel, Charlotte Adamsland.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Huh? What’s all this confederate stuff.

I don’t understand.  What the heck is this a book about?


That’s the thing.

It’s only disguised as a book.

It’s really a time travel device. (Shhh.)


PKO_Alien 3 0003387Well that’s just crazy.  That’s just not possible.  Why would anyone want to read something like that!

So they can travel back in time.

Duh. (Whoops! Excuse me!)


PKO_Alien 3 0003387This one’s a little nutty

Give her a chance. 

She’s fun

PKO_Alien 3 0003387Okay.  Geeze. Alright Miss Time Travel.

Are there at least explosions?

There are some explosions,

all in a 19th century way of exploding.

PKO_Alien 3 0003387She actually thinks she’s time traveling.

Just go with it.


PKO_Alien 3 0003387Erghh…

Okay, what’s the story about?

The war (Civil, that is) is over, Sanderson is home, and life is good. Until the Army comes knocking. They’ve charged Sanderson with murder and unless he can track down the notorious outlaw William “Bloody Bill” Quantrill, he’ll face the hangman’s noose. Meanwhile, Charlotte is left in Minerva’s capable hands to endure a complicated pregnancy before battling a rash of hydrophobee that threatens the countryside; Cotton, Achilles, and Sanderson included.

Alien Huh CloseHydrophobee?  This is about being afraid of water?

You are one weird chic.

 It’s not about… Huh? 

PKO_Alien 3 0003387You said there was an explosion, right?



All Civil-War like

PKO_Alien 3 0003387I don’t believe you.

Have you ever actually exploded anything?

Yes once, but I’m not allowed to talk about it. We are still under a gag order. As to why, in true Texas fashion, it just needed explodin’.

Alien SmileYes!

Someone else who realizes the wonder of a grand explosion!

How about taking over the world?

Wait, who told you about that? Have you been talking to Althea the Green?

My success in world domination remains to be seen. Ask me again in 2015.

Alien SmileYes!  I will!

Maybe we can take over the world together?  What’s your plan?

Well the trick to taking over the world  is inventing a time travel device … hey, wait. Is this a trick question? I know nothing about it and I will deny it if it comes up again.


Alien SmileSo what should we explode first?

Well that is simple. I would explode what needed explodin’! And that can be anything from, wait, I’m not allowed to talk about it, remember?

Alien SmileHa Ha!  Yes!

I love Sara Barnard!

Quickly!  We must give away her book!

Let’s get rocking!

If anyone would like to win a free copy of


A Heart Broken (An Everlasting Heart #2) leave a comment below.

We will choose a winner on Monday.

Thanks Sara, and great job winning over the Little Blue Lady from Mars!

One day we will

rule the world together!


Alien SmileWell



Thanks for lett’n me hang!


If you’d like to find out more about Sara Barnard and her books, hop on over to www.sarabarnardbooks.com


The Little Blue Lady From Mars © Jennifer M. Eaton.


Hello. Let me introduce myself. I’m an Idiot.

Hello.  Let me introduce myself.

I am an Idiot.

The other day, as some of you noticed, I posted my Monday night February 13th Blog post “Lesson 27” in the normal time-frame.

Nothing new.  I try to be punctual.

This time, though, I tried to jump the gun and get it out before dinner.  (I’d prepared it the day before)

As I pressed the magic “publish” button, my computer hiccupped, I lost internet, and I also lost my post.  “Oh no!  That took me hours!”  It was gone.  Just gone.  It wasn’t even in my drafts anymore.  “Ugh!”

I grumbled, and sat down to dinner.  After doing the dishes, I opened up my Blog, praying it would be there.  Nope.  Still gone.  My dog sat there sadly, knowing it was her grooming time.  “Sorry Chloe, Mommy needs to figure this out.”

I opened my dashboard trying to find the draft.  It had to be there, right?  Nope.  Gone.  Chloe whined.  I patted her on the head.

When I glance back at the screen, I saw that two people had commented on the missing post.  “Commented on what?”  Could they see it?  I couldn’t see it.

After meddling with the system for a while, I finally found my post….  Back on January 28th.

Did I pull a Michael J. Fox?  Did I time travel?

No, but my computer did somehow.  Now I have no Blog post for Monday, and an extra one in the past, and a two-day-old post on my home page.  How the HECK-OLA does something like that happen?

Chloe barked, and I let her out.  Sorry, Chloe.

So, what the heck do I do?  Rather than having people jump to my Home page and not find a post, I copied Lesson Seven from its odd place in the “past”, and re-posted the same article in the “present”.  Now, I didn’t delete the time-travel post, because there were already comments on it, so there are two strings of comments on two different dates about exactly the same topic.

Whew!  Anyway… sorry about that double post.  And Sorry Chloe, for not getting to brush you.

I finished that post last weekend.  Added the art, made it pretty.  And then I left it in my “drafts” folder.  I’ve done this countless times before without any problems.  (When you have three kids, you need to write whenever you get a chance… and life doesn’t always agree with your blog schedule).

Anyway… while I was fiddling— copying the content of the time-travel post to re-publish it— I clicked on a button by mistake.  A date popped up… and my magic “publish” button changed to “Schedule”.

I am such an idiot.

I never knew that was there.  I could schedule my posts weeks in advance if I wanted to, and not have to stress about getting them done on time!  How many times had my posts popped up on Tuesday because I didn’t get a chance to hit that magic publish button until 11:00 PM, which is already the next day in WordPress time.  (Making my incredibly anal brain feel late.)

Let me repeat

Schedule your stinking posts, Jen.

Just in case I am not the only IDIOT in the world… there is a little schedule button over on the right when you compose your post.  Duh.

From now on, if my posts hit your email at 1:00 in the morning, it’s not because I have insomnia.  I’m just giving you a whole day of “reading joy” rather than waiting for me to get home from work, make dinner, clean up dinner, brush the dog, and tuck the kids in before I get a change to press that stupid publish button.

A schedule button