Row 80 Check in 11-13-2011

Here’s my update:

1.   Blog Posts:   Two regular blog posts completed (a Manuscript Red-line post, and a writer’s advice post from the Q&A session)

2.    Reverse-Nano goal:  My novel started at 119,479 words.  Now I am down to 114,713

3.    Inserted the new “Stuck in a Closet” beginning (Increased the word count Ugh.)

4.  Completely re-wrote my ending (again) It’s much more intense now, but yikes do I need someone to read it to make sure I’m not nuts.

5.  Finished a complete edit/read of the entire novel.  Eliminated about 11 unnecessary Points of View.

1.   Jury’s still out on cutting that scene with the King and Magellan.

2.  I didn’t cut the Matton meets the mercenary scenes.  This is about 2,500 words of the 4,500 I wanted to cut this week.  I’m going too, though… as much as I don’t want to.

1.  Do two blog posts on cutting Points of View (Gold Mine Manuscript tips)

2.  Re-write one of the dream sequences to richen the character of Darkness slightly

3.  Re-write the scene where Matt gets his memory back.  This is one of those huge-decision-things.  I will probably be reverting back to my original draft.  The current idea seems to be confusing, and too information-intense.  This will probably cut quite a few words, too.

3.  At least start the beta read I’ve been sitting on.  (I promise I will start it this week, J)

Happy ROWing!

Jennifer Eaton

16 responses to “Row 80 Check in 11-13-2011

  1. Here I am! 🙂 I had read this previously, but don’t think I asked… Reverse NaNo. For editing purpose, I’m guessing. Cutting words? This is the first that I recall reading reference to it. 😉 Perhaps I’ll do that next year!

    • Yeah, everyone else is struggling to make word count for a first draft, I am struggling to cut words for a final draft

      “Reverse Nano” This is my little term. I thought it fit nicely.

  2. Put the scissors down! j/k You’re doing great. I hope you can get it where you want it 🙂

  3. Rooting for you, Robin

  4. My ending has changed so many times. It’s like a roller coaster. I really like them all, but I just don’t know if it really “ends” enough. **sigh**

  5. Fanastic week. Love the reverse NaNo – so cool! And I like how you look at your goals in weekly chunks. Here’s to another bang up week!

  6. Great job! I like seeing that others go through their WIP to deal with specifc issues and amp up the intensity. Best wishes with ROW80!

    • It’s weird, every scene I re-write gets more intense in one way or another. I wonder if I’m in a “different place” as a writer, or in a different place as a person. Dunno.

  7. Good job keeping up on so many of your goals. I hope that this week goes well, especially for resolving some of the cutting and is-it-nutty? questions.

  8. Wow, you’ve done loads this week – well done.

  9. heatherishither

    Good job this week! I can totally relate on the crazy-ending-uncertainty. It sounds awesome in my head… 🙂