How to Write a Really Great Novel: The FUNNIEST EVER (And Maybe Best) Review

Yes, he is reviewing a novel, but WHO CARES!

The Monomaniacal Middle Grade Reviewer goes off on a tangent starting at about 1:05 on how to write a great novel, and then goes in-depth around 1:59 about what makes a good action scene, and then again at 3:35 on how to write a great action scene.

This is probably his best interview EVER.

If you care about a kid’s opinion, this is a great interview to take a look at.  I am bookmarking this just to come back and take a look at it once in a while.

I think this kid has a future in reviews.  Oh, yeah.  The actual novel is Rick Riordan’s Battle of the Labyrinth

Take it away, Dude!


12 responses to “How to Write a Really Great Novel: The FUNNIEST EVER (And Maybe Best) Review

  1. Adorable? You can tell this young man not only likes to read, he pays attention to all the details. Bravo.

  2. I love a kid that reads.

  3. I have to say this is his most ‘animated’ review, and Chloe is following his hands as if he had a treat for her. Too funny. Me thinks your middle-grader likes being in front of the camera. He really has to read The Kane Chronicles. If he wants humor and action, they have both in bucketfuls. 🙂

  4. Ravena Guron

    The dog and the fish did it for distracting me 😀 I’ve just started rereading Percy Jackson, and I absolutely love them. When your son is older, he should definitely read the CHERUB series (though not until he’s like 12/13 because there are some peepsey (had no idea how to say that in a suitable way) references in there.) All the explosions one could ask for.

    And Jennifer, I’ve always wondered…. is that you in that little banner at the top of this website next to “take a step into my world”?

  5. Definitely one for my ‘Picks of the week’ 🙂

  6. I kept getting distracted by your dog 🙂