Road to Publication #16: Tchotchkes… Huh? Is that a typo? What the heck is my publisher sending me?

Okay, let’s just get this part out of the way… since it’s an obvious question:

tchotch·ke/ˈCHäCHkə/Noun: 1.A small object that is decorative rather than strictly functional; a trinket.

(Typically pronounced “CHACH-kee”)

Honestly, I had no idea what this was either.  I even had to look up the pronunciation.  I did see a mention of this odd word in my marketing plan, but I didn’t want to sound stupid and ask back then.

When the email arrived from my publisher, I stared at it.  Should I open it?  Is it Spam?  Was their email hijacked by some foreign based worm?  Honestly, I was worried.

But you know what?  Today is my Birthday, and it ended up being a big fat fun present!  Just For me!

Well, not really.  All the Make Believe authors got it, but it’s still like a present, dernit!

Inside was the artwork for a whole bunch of neat marketing pieces.

1.       Email signature tag


3.       Posters

4.       Trading cards/postcards

5.       Desktop art (for your computer)

Oh!  Oodles of good stuff.  This is the front of the bookmark.  Pretty cool, huh?

This is all so neat!  I can’t wait to figure out how to slap that signature-thingy into my email.  Good fun!

Oh, you know what?  Yesterday was my three-hundredth Post.  How wacky is that?  Who knew I’d ever have this much to say?


39 responses to “Road to Publication #16: Tchotchkes… Huh? Is that a typo? What the heck is my publisher sending me?

  1. Hope you have a HUGE celebration for each and every one of the above!!!

  2. Happy birthday! Words are like pennies. They add up before you know it.

    Congratulations on the package and your 300th post.

  3. Happy birthday young lady! 🙂

  4. What a great birthday present! 🙂 Happy Birthday, Happy 300th Post, and Happy Tchotchkes!! (Which WordPress wants to turn into Hopscotches, Hotcakes or Scotches)

  5. AKA as swag. 🙂 I have bookmarks too, but none of that other cool stuff. If I want that stuff, I have to do it on my own.
    Happy birthday and happy 300th post.

  6. Sounds like lots of fun! Enjoy!

  7. Author, G. D. Grace

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  8. Congrats and congrats again!

    My marketing person has given me no marketing tchotchkes, so I’m a bit envious. Ooh, I so want me a poster for my book!

  9. Steven S. Walsky

    Happy birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday Darlin’ and congrats on 300 posts! 🙂

  11. What a lovely birthday surprise for you! (Sending birthday wishes your way, but how can you top THAT!) And congrats on your 300th. I’m only a little more than halfway there. 🙂

  12. Happy Birthday and happy 300th and happy little extras that helped make your day – love the bookmark

  13. Happy Birthday, kiddo! Meesa loves the chochkees, too. 🙂 I have already received my bookmarks and are signing them away. So much fun. You’re going to have a blast with these.

  14. Happy Birthday Jen! Congrats for the 300th. Part 14 coming shortly. Shh! 😉

  15. Lucky you! I seem to be on my own for these types of things. Just got my bookmarkers. Will be fun to start distributing them. 🙂

  16. Happy Birthday to another September baby. (Mine was the 11th).
    What a great birthday present and thank you for the word. I will try to think of an occasion to use it!

  17. I really like the bookmark, I think I may have to steal it from you. 🙂
    Happy BIrthday and Happy 300th post!!!!!

  18. Happy birthday, happy 300th post (yesterday), and happy marketing! 🙂

  19. Happy birthday. I hope I find that word in my email. It sounds very exciting and full of goodness.

  20. Happy Birthday and happy 300th post! That package sounds like a pretty nice present (we’ll pretend it was for that).

  21. What a weird word. I write high fantasy so there its no shortage of peculiar words, but that just takes the biscuit.
    At least you got a bunch of cool stuff, though.


    Happy birthday indeed!

  22. Happy birthday lovely friend! And thank you for enlightening us… o_O 😀