Write a Story with Me – Part 15 – “What’d he say?” by Sharon Manship

Oh!  I just love these devilish last lines you guys are throwing at each other!  They are not required, but Bam! They are sure making this fun!

Write a Story with Me is an ongoing story written by a collection of authors.  Each person adds 250 words a week, and no one is ever prepared for what they get smacked with.

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So… what is Brittany really up to?  Take it away, Sharon Manship!

15 (Sharon Manship)

“Yes, mother.” answered Bethany.  She quickly took the tray laden with tea from her, which had been rattling precariously as it balanced on top of her swollen stomach.

“What are you doing skulking around out here?”

“What’s going on?  Is Marci okay?” she deflected, concentrating on keeping her face a mask of sisterly concern.

“She certainly is not, Bethany.  I’m afraid your sister seems to be in quite a bad way.”

Her mother carried on down the corridor and gently pushed open the door to Marci’s room, beckoning with her hand that Bethany should follow.  On entering, Bethany’s eyes quickly flicked round the room in an attempt to locate the fairy her father had been talking to, but there was no sign of him.  Her mother’s commotion in the corridor had obviously alerted them to their presence.

Bethany, remembering why she was supposed to be there, turned to look at Marci.  She gasped

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6 responses to “Write a Story with Me – Part 15 – “What’d he say?” by Sharon Manship

  1. No fair Sharon, you cannot leave us hanging like that! Actually you can, you did, and we all should. I have the benefit of being able to click on to the next chapter, but for those reading as these come I am sure it creates some excitement. I am entering the story soon and I wanted to visit each writer, read their piece and comment. I hope you will let me know what you think when I post my contribution soon.

  2. Good luck, Shannon! What the heck did Marci’s father just say!?

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  4. Another great installment and another fabulous ‘zinger’ at the end! 🙂

  5. Nice work Sharon! 🙂