May you have a happy and holy Christmas Eve (And check out my revew, please)

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Tonight is Christmas Eve.  What a wonderful day to settle in and celebrate with your family… unless you are working like I am.  Today I hold down the fort so my employees can be with their families.  Yeah, I’m cool like that. After work it’s a race home to get to church.

Enjoy your Christmas.  I hope it is a blessed one for you… but before you celebrate, make sure you check out today’s review and…

Find out how writing for an anthology differs from writing a novel in a combination interview with all the “Make Believe” authors on Burning Impossibly Bright along with their review of the anthology!

You will also have an opportunity to win a copy of Make Believe just by making a comment (Yeah, it’s that Christmas spirit and all… I just can’t help it.)  So Hop on Over.

Also…Please let me know if I should look at the review or not.  Thanks!



Make BelieveFor The Love Of Christmas CoverWhy all the hullabaloo? Well, it’s to promote my two new releases “Make Believe” and “For the Love of Christmas”

That’s why!

And don’t forget to click on “Enter to Win” for a chance to win your choice of the two titles! Yay!

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7 responses to “May you have a happy and holy Christmas Eve (And check out my revew, please)

  1. Merry Christmas Jen. xo

  2. Julie Catherine

    Wishing you a blessed Christmas and wonderful Holiday Season, Jennifer! (And the interview post is awesome!) ~ Love, Julie xox

  3. Happy holidays!

  4. Merry Christmas to you, Jennifer and a wonderful New Year

  5. Happy Christmas, Jen, and here’s to a rocking 2013!