Write a Story with Me Part 23 — Which Daughter to Choose– with Aparnauteur

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Yay!  Write a Story with Me is back!  (This is my little Christmas present to myself.)  I have to admit that people have been writing away during our little break and…..  Ooooooo I feel a battle brewing! Enjoy the ride!

Now remember, we’ve got a battle on the verge of rocking.  Marci is tied to a table in her father’s ship, her sister is flying out in space, and the very lives of the faeries are on the line.  What the heck is going to happen?  Let’s see!

23 – Aparnauteur

“Poor girl, scared her, didn’t we? For a moment I thought our invisibilatrix was toast.”

“Not a chance. As for the little glitch, she’s the only one who saw us. I doubt that her addled brain would have pieced it together. Meanwhile, I want you to check if any of Janosc’s waspy pals are about to join us on our precipice rendezvous. He is paranoid enough not to trust his own self in the operation.”

“It’s all under control, Mme. I sent a Morse to Marriott. He’ll take care of those red dots flanking our target. Our target, meanwhile, drifted to two and a half sea miles port side. They seem to be having trouble keeping an even keel. I am guessing their vessel is as old as Yoran. It’s funny how we’re part of the same—Oh no! What did I just say–forgive me for my indiscretion–he’s your father–what I meant to say was–I am extremely sorry, Mme Sian”

“Oh, don’t makes a hames of it now, Jodi. Just keep up with the update. When are we getting Marci out of the vessel?”

“I slipped the sonambulator into Bethany’s toque. She never removes it when she travels. It emits a sound whose frequency would tell us when’s the right time.”

“Perfect. We now wait for your pesky pal to do what she does best—eavesdrop”

Yoran had known for some time that Sian was trailing him. What he didn’t know was which daughter to choose.

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2 responses to “Write a Story with Me Part 23 — Which Daughter to Choose– with Aparnauteur

  1. I want to see more of Sian. It will be interesting to know what the relationship is between her and her father, if any. I am getting my chance to add a piece soon, so important I understand the flow.

  2. Oh boy! POV from Sian now…very clever. So Janosc is going to get it, Bethany is going to sleep-walk (I think!) and Marci caught a glimpse of something she wasn’t supposed to. Now…which daughter? Well done!