Write a Story with Me – Part 16 – The Unmentionable by Shannon Blue Christensen

Sooo… The plot thicken this week as Shannon blue brings in the internal thought… and a brand new backstory.  Hmmmmm…. what a tangled life daddy leads, huh?

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16 (Shannon Blue Christensen)

“Bethany? Don’t just stand there. Help your mother find the herbs she needs for Marci.”

Bethany hovered for a moment, uncertain. She looked again at Marci, whose lips were beginning to turn blue, and hurried after her mother.

Yoran quickly turned back to Janosc, who had hidden behind the door while Yoran gave orders to Bethany. Janosc’s eyes glimmered. His lips quirked in what was intended to be a benevolent-appearing smile.

Yoran believed The Establishment was pure, regardless of sacrifice required. The guidances dictated by the ruling body preserved a peaceful existence for citizens. Like most young men, he was proud to be selected for service. Ridding the world of beings competing for power was noble.

A few years earlier, his unmentionable daughter was taken. She had acted out in school, asking why the Establishment came to power, who decided what was good. One evening his coworkers arrived. A summons signed “The Establishment” stated that they were taking the girl away. Yoran was warned to never think of her again.

Afterwards, his colleagues acted as if the girl has never existed, yet it was months before the usual banter resumed. The hairs on his neck told him that he was being watched. He began looking for others with hollow eyes and hesitation in their step. He wondered.

A year or two later, he met Janosc on a routine raid. He never looked the criminals in the eye, at first because he was sure they didn’t deserve the attention, now because he was afraid they did. As they tossed Janosc in the back of the wagon, the creature spoke, “I know where she is, you know. She’s not dead. They won’t allow it.”

Yoran fumbled the ropes. Janosc laughed, “Yes, wouldn’t you love to know?” Yoran pretended carelessness.


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25 responses to “Write a Story with Me – Part 16 – The Unmentionable by Shannon Blue Christensen

  1. Shannon – This story gets more WICKED awesome with every chapter. Wow I cannot wait to read more! I am so excited to be a part of this and anxiously anticipating my turn. I hope you will check mine out when it comes very soon.

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  17. Fantastic. I’m about five weeks behind. I can’t wait to catchup. This is a wonderful addition.

  18. I love the richness you gave to the story, Shannon. 🙂

  19. Reblogged this on Mermaids Singing and commented:
    New post on Jennifer Eaton’s Write a Story with Me project — and this time, it’s my turn!

  20. Jennifer, thank you for allowing me to contribute. I’ve never done a story telling excercise like this, and it’s been very fun. I appreciate the extra effort and time that you’re investing in coordinating this, all while planning a book release and living a non-print life.

    Great work, and thanks!
    PS I’m not accustomed to flash ficton or group story telling. I would be very happy to get feedback and suggestions on how I can practice and improve for anyone.

    Best Regards,